Extended ITP Opportunities

Extended ITP Opportunities August 2022

 Improving Health & Care Systems, Clinical, Primary Care Research, Digital Health, Research & Educational

Job Descriptions/Advert

Trainees are invited to apply for the following posts, please note different Ex ITPs fit in different parts of the training programme, check you individual stage of training against the details in the posts you wish to apply for.

Details regarding suitability, application form and process, dates, job descriptions and contact details are all available on the DTV Website


Improving Health & Care Systems Integrated Training Posts (2 posts)

These posts are available for trainees to start at the beginning of ST2 or later. Trainees must have a minimum of 6 months whole time equivalent left of their current training programme at the start of this post.

2 posts -1 based at Marine Avenue Medical Practice (located in Whitley Bay) with North Tyneside ‘Place based partnership’ and 1 at Teams Medical Practice (located in Gateshead) with Gateshead ‘Place based partnership’.

Why apply for a post in Improving Health & Care Systems

These posts are an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience of supervised leadership work by being involved with projects to help improve patient care.  Find out how the work of ‘place based partnerships’ happens and be involved with how we best provide services and pathways for patients with the resources we have.

This opportunity gives time to learn from those leading and gain invaluable practical experience doing leadership work which can be applied to many other leadership roles. This will include shadowing and being supervised by the clinical leaders, all GP trainers.

Extended training offers the opportunity to understand how the NHS works and be part of the decision making of the local health economy. It gives an excellent overview and enables a deep understanding of the curriculum area of how General Practice fits in the wider community.

The rest of the time in post will be spent at the practices outlined above.



Primary Care Research Integrated Training Post (The Garth surgery, Guisborough) (one post, 16 Months)

A unique 16-month post which results in your training programme being extended from 3 years to 3 years and 4 months, but during this time you will have had additional experience of clinical research in primary care. The post would be undertaken during the ST3 year.

The 16-month post will consist of one day per week working in research if the post is commenced at the start of ST3. If the post is commenced mid-way through ST3 it may involve more than one day per week to give equivalent research experience within the context of a 4-month extension to training. The research component of the post will be based in the following practice:

  • The Garth surgery, Guisborough: research supervisor – Dr Teik Goh & Dr Richard Bellamy; trainers – Dr and Dr Fiona McHardy & Dr Eleanor Sutherland


This practice is actively involved in clinical primary care research which has been adopted by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). The North East and North Cumbria Clinical Research Network (CRN) oversees and supports this research. This will give you a unique opportunity to learn about and work with the CRN and to learn how NIHR-portfolio research is delivered and supported. This practice is also a recognised training practice and so you will usually be based in the same practice for the clinical aspect of this post (this is preferable but exceptional circumstances would be considered and if a training post were already filled a doctor may need to be based in a different training practice).


During your time with the research team, you should gain practical experience of research and be able to demonstrate an understanding of:


  • Process of reviewing suitability of protocol to study team/site. Including; estimating ability to recruit, filling in expressions of interest.
  • Review of study protocol and regulatory approvals; importance of adhering to the research protocol. This will include critical appraisal of research protocols.
  • Delegation of research tasks, who is responsible and use of delegation logs.
  • Principles of screening and recruiting for research trials.
  • Type and process of randomisation (if appropriate).
  • Informed consent process for research.
  • Processing samples.
  • Data quality and management.
  • Structure of Case Report Forms (CRFs).
  • Data confidentiality and Caldicott requirements.
  • Research documentation eg: source documentation and site files.
  • Where appropriate setting up and maintaining a database.
  • Process for reporting adverse events.
  • Data submission processes.


You will be supported to undertake the Newcastle University Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Research should they wish to do so.

Clinical Integrated Training Posts (Sexual Health or Palliative Care)

These posts are available for trainees to start at the beginning of ST2 or later. Trainees must have a minimum of 6 months whole time equivalent left of their current training programme at the start of this post.

Sexual Health: 1 post based at New Croft Centre, Newcastle/ Burn Brae Medical Group, Hexham

Palliative Care: 1 post based at The Broadway Medical Practice, Sunderland and St Cuthbert’s Hospice Durham

These posts will give you the opportunity to follow up an interest in a specialist area within your GP training programme and to gain additional qualifications.  You will be based 50% in General Practice and 50% in the specialist area.  You will be expected to undertake the relevant Diploma in the speciality. 

For the palliative care post, you will be based at the St Cuthbert’s Hospice, Durham, and The Broadway Medical Practice in Sunderland. The practice is actively involved in palliative care and management of frailty with close links with community partners and specialist palliative care. You will undertake the Diploma in Palliative Care at Teesside University (or equivalent) which is predominantly distance and clinical learning.  

For the sexual health post, you will be based at the New Croft Centre, Newcastle, and a General Practice in Hexham.   You will undertake the FRSH Diploma and the STIF competencies.

The post is ideal preparation and training for a future career as a GP with a special interest in these areas


Digital Health Integrated Training Posts (2 Posts)

These posts are available for trainees to start at the beginning of ST2 or later. Trainees must have a minimum of 6 months whole time equivalent left of their current training programme at the start of this post.

2 posts -1 based at Glenpark medical practice (located in Dunston) and 1 at Village Green Surgery (located in Wallsend)

Are you interested in how technology can be used to improve care in General Practice? 

The NHS is on the cusp of an explosion in the use of technology in healthcare and the North East & North Cumbria is leading the way in Digital Health initiatives.

Here’s your chance to get involved in this exciting field as a GP in training and as part of your future practice. 

Trainees pursuing this extended integrated training post in Digital Health will benefit from the following:

  • Mentorship from a named Chief Clinical Informatics Officer (CCIO)
  • Funded postgraduate CPD in Digital Health with Newcastle University
  • Opportunity to undertake a dedicated digital health project
  • Access to bespoke leadership development opportunities
  • Opportunities to participate in and observe strategic decision-making in regional Digital Health


Research Integrated Training Post (up to 4 posts)

These posts will provide you with the opportunity to undertake supervised research relevant to general practice in collaboration with one of the local University departments.  This enables you to study an area of professional/personal interest and to gain an additional qualification.  

Research training is included in the post via supervision and accredited modules and no previous experience is required. 

This is an ideal opportunity to consider a future in academic General Practice or simply to follow a particular area of interest.  

After the first year of the Research ITP there is an opportunity to extend to a second year to complete a postgraduate qualification.

Based at a local training Practice for the clinical component and Newcastle or Sunderland University for the research aspect.


Education Integrated Training Posts (Newcastle Medical School)

Successful candidates will be part of the GP teaching team at Newcastle medical school which includes a dozen GPs, clinical teaching fellows and ITP GPSTs. 

2 posts, both based at the Primary Care teaching team, School of Medical Education, Newcastle University. 

Clinical time will be at local training practices with the Durham & Tees Valley GP Training Programme

You will gain hands on teaching experience under supervision, such as weekly third year teaching in general practices, and fourth year teaching within the medical school. 

You will be enrolled at the University to complete the Certificate in Medical Education at Newcastle University (or alternative if previously completed) with suitable time allotted to study and there is the opportunity to extend the post to a second year.

You will be mentored and supervised by a senior member of the primary care teaching team to undertake one or more small educational projects which we would aim to be presented at appropriate conferences. 

The posts are flexible enough to allow you to follow a particular area of interest and opportunities are available to be involved in other areas of the curriculum such as communication skills teaching, curriculum innovation and development, integration with hospital teaching, etc.  The post is ideal preparation and training for a future career as a GP with an interest in education.

Further Information:

How does this fit into the GP training programme?

You must have already worked in GP for at least 6 months before the starting date of the post to be eligible to apply

  • Your progress through training must be ‘satisfactory (ESR satisfactory progress, ARCP Outcome
  • This post would extend your training programme from 36 months to 42 months WTE
  • The rotations for successful applicants will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.
  • If you have a 6-month Integrated post already on your training programme this may be withdrawn.
  • We will endeavour to leave your final attachment as 6 months Full Time GP.



  • The 12m WTE extended post runs for 24 consecutive months if LTFT.
  • For 60% The first 12m are based in speciality (education / research / commissioning etc) and the second in GP. GP trainees can arrange to work up to 1 session per week in GP in the first year and the reverse in the second year if this is felt to be of educational value and supporting learning. This needs to be discussed and agreed between trainee, trainer and speciality supervisor. Flexibility is encouraged to meet needs.
  • For 80% (or other variables) the working timetable can be agreed on a case by case basis.



If you are interested in taking one of these posts, this is what to do -

  • We suggest you discuss this with your Educational Supervisor, GP trainer, or TPD group leader.
  • If you have any queries please contact your training programme for general issues, or the individual leads of each post for more specific information (see below).
  • Rank the posts according to preference (1-2-3)
  • Send your application form (including support from your ES) to Dr Amy Micklethwaite at amy.micklethwaite@hee.nhs.uk
  • You will be invited to interview prior to the posts being allocated.



If you receive any ARCP outcome, other than an outcome 1 between being offered an Ex-ITP and starting in post, this will be discussed with you on a case by case basis as to whether this is the most appropriate post for your training needs.

Closing date for expressions of interest is Sunday 31st October 2021, provisional Interview dates have been provided below (but maybe subject to change)

The interviews for the Improving Health & Care Systems Posts will take place on the TBC

The interviews for the Clinical Palliative Care Integrated post will take place on the Morning of Friday 10th December 2021

The interviews for the Clinical Sexual Health Integrated post will take place on the Morning of Tuesday 7th December 2021

The interviews for the Primary Care Research posts will take place on the on Thursday 9th December 2021

The interviews for the Digital Health post will take place on the Morning of Thursday 9th December 2021

The interviews for all Research Integrated posts will take place on the Morning of Monday 6th December 2021

The interviews for the Educations posts will take place on the on Wednesday 15th December 2021

All the above will take place Virtually via TEAMS


Specific Enquiries to:

Education Integrated Training Posts (Newcastle Medical Schools)

Newcastle University Dr Hugh Alberti – hugh.alberti@ncl.ac.uk / 01642 856066


Primary Care Research Contact details

Dr Richard Bellamy - Richard.bellamy@hee.nhs.uk

Dr Teik Goh (The Garth surgery) - teik.goh@nhs.net


Improving Health & Care Systems Integrated Training Posts

Dr Mark Dornan (Teams Medical Practice) mdornan@nhs.net

Dr Richard Scott (Marine Avenue MC) richard.scott13@nhs.net


Clinical Integrated Training Posts (Palliative Care and Sexual Health)

Dr Fadi Khalil fadi_khalil@yahoo.com  (Broadway MP) Dr Tim Morgan t.morgan@nhs.net (Palliative Care)

Drs Anne Chalmers anne.chalmers3@nhs.net & Kathryn Clement Kathryn.Clement@nuth.nhs.uk


Digital Health Contact details

Glenpark Medical Practice

Bronwyn Tasker - bronwyn.tasker@nhs.net

Jonathan Harness  - jharness@nhs.net

Caroline Webster - carolinewebster@nhs.net

Village Green Surgery

Richard Glennie – richard.glennie@nhs.net

Mark Westwood - mark.westwood@nhs.net

Justin Green - Justin.Green@hee.nhs.uk


Academic Research Contact details

Newcastle University Barbara Hanratty Barbara.Hanratty@newcastle.ac.uk;

University of Sunderland Scott Wilkes scott.wilkes@sunderland.ac.uk;

Details regarding suitability, application form and process, dates, job descriptions and contact details are all available on the DTV Website