Trainer Appraisal Information

Durham & Tees Valley GP Training Programme Trainer Appraisal Overview

As we move to a 5 year cycle of reappointment we have updated how annual trainer appraisals will be managed. In order to get the maximum benefit from the appraisal process while bearing in mind the pressures on time and resources of the training programme and of trainers the following is how annual appraisals will be carried out moving forward.


Types of Appraisal

(1) Trainer appraisal with a Training Programme Director (TPD)

(2) Peer appraisal – Peer appraisals are organised by the trainer contacting the GP Training Programme, the administrative staff will nominate a peer and inform that trainer of the arrangement. The appraisal itself is arranged by the trainers. We plan as much as possible to have the same peer trainer for two consecutive years for appropriate review of PDPs.

(3) Cross Border Conversation – at the Educators Conference and peer groups are arranged among the participating trainers.


Appraisal Process

In each year of your 5 year reappointment cycle you MUST complete a different type of appraisal from the list above. The first four years are optional as to which type you do each year, the 5th and final year of your reappointment cycle will be a One to One trainer appraisal with a TPD to help prepare you for reappointment.

For all new trainers the requirement is slightly different, in that you are required to have a trainer appraisal with a TPD for the first two years instead of the below. Once you have completed a 5 year cycle you will revert to the standard appraisal process.


Appraisal Type



Assigned Peer Appraisal / Cross Border Conversation

Appendix 2


Assigned Peer Appraisal / Cross Border Conversation

Appendix 2


Assigned Peer Appraisal / Cross Border Conversation

Appendix 2


Assigned Peer Appraisal / Cross Border Conversation

Appendix 2


One to One with a Training Programme Director

Appendix 1


Appraisal Documentation

Appendix 1 – Trainer appraisal form

Appendix 2 – Peer appraisal form


Appraisal Submission

After each peer appraisal or cross border conversation you are required to submit your completed Peer appraisal form (Appendix 2) to the training programme via email

In the 5th year for your one to one with a TPD you must complete the Trainer appraisal form (Appendix 1) and submit this via email at the latest two weeks prior to your appraisal date, failure to do so will result in your appraisal date being rearranged. NOTE: (16) Observed Teaching Review - You are required to submit a recording of a CBD or surgery debrief lasting around 20 minutes on an encrypted memory stick - this needs to be submitted at least 2 weeks before the appraisal

It is each trainer’s professional duty to the GMC to have an appraisal in each role, as a trainer you should submit the outcome of your peer appraisal to the training programme, failure to do so may adversely affect your trainer reappointment.