ST2 trainees are mainly taught by visiting GP trainers. Each trainer affiliated to the Durham and Tees Valley VTS will teach on 2 afternoons. These sessions are hugely popular with trainees who appreciate the effort involved to produce such high quality teaching. Trainers too, enjoy the contact with the trainees and relish feeling part of the larger training programme.

Topics Covered

Care of People with Mental Health Problems
• Depression in Primary Care
• Psychoses and the Mental Health Act
• Postnatal Depression and Bipolar Affective Disorder

Women’s Health
• Menstrual Problems, the Menopause and HRT
• Incontinence

Pregnancy Care
• Antenatal and Postnatal Care
• Termination, Adoption and Fostering
• Fertility, Preconception Counselling and Care of Special Groups

Men’s Health
• LUTS, ED and Urological Malignancies

Sexual Health
• Contraception
• STDs and Taking a Sexual History

Care of Older Adults
• Dementia
• Falls/Strokes and TIAs
• Elder Abuse / Managing Co-morbidity including Prescribing Issues

Care of People with Cancer and Palliative Care
• Palliative Care Part 1 & Part 2
• Early Diagnosis and Cancer Screening Programmes - Part 1 & Part 2

Care of Children and Young People
Paediatric Emergencies and SIDS
• Childhood Immunisations, Child Development and the Support of Parents
• Adolescent Health Issues and Obesity
• Behavioural Problems

Genetics in Primary Care
• Genetics in Primary Care
• Genetic Counselling and the Family History Service

Occupational Health

Medicine and the Arts