Integrated Training Posts (ITP's) and Extended Integrated Training Posts (EITP's)

The trainees of DTV GP training programme have the opportunity to apply for Integrated training posts (ITPs) or Extended ITP posts (ExITPs) during their training.


These posts offer an opportunity to mix general practice training with exposure to another speciality which would not normally be available in a standard GP training programme. 
In most cases, these would involve 50% of the time in a general practice placement and 50% of the time in a speciality.

In most ExITP posts, this would provide the opportunity for additional qualifications to be gained such as the certificate or diploma in medication education.  Furthermore, this can be extended to study for higher qualifications such as masters degrees of PHDs.  This would obviously extend the length of training beyond the usual programme length.


These posts are available to all trainees who are making satisfactory progress.


The current ExITP posts offered at the DTV GP training programme are:


  • Education -2 attached to Medical School with Dr Hugh Alberti. 
    Further information is available at
  • Clinical research – 2 with Dr Richard Bellamy
  • Sexual health - Newcroft centre, Newcastle/Burnbrae practice
  • Commissioning – 2 attached to Park Road and Teams
  • Clinical leadership – Attached to Central surgery
  • Palliative care –  Attached to Freeman hospital and Broadway practice
  • Rural GP – Attached to Cheviot medical practice


In addition to the ExITP posts, we also have a number integrated training posts (ITP) available. These are 6-month posts split between a specialty and General Practice.

  • Frailty
  • Gastroenterology & Health Promotion
  • Respiratory
  • Psychiatry (General and Older Persons)