As a specialty trainee you will be required to participate in the annual assessment (ARCP)  process as outlined in the Gold Guide.

Progress Reviews / Interim ARCP's will take place on a date to be confirmed

Annual ARCP's will take place on 29 July 2019

Your Specialty Programme Coordinator  will contact you in advance with the confirmed dates for submission of evidence, when it will be reviewed and when you will have your face to face meeting.

Evidence should be collected as you progress throughout your training year and not left to the last few weeks prior to your ARCP. 

In light of the new e-portfolio not being available for the Annual ARCP's on 5th August, the school has taken the decision to issue the following guidance and would expect the following:

  • Year one Learning outcomes visualisation sheet spread sheet, Educational Supervisor report and paper evidence of progress e.g. university marks
  • Paper based to remain on paper (may use Learning outcomes visualisation sheet and spread sheet if desired to record progress for those who will transfer to the 2015 Curriculum)
  • The remainder on e-portfolio to use the Wessex model of mapping from the 2010 to 2015 for reporting.  Will require both completed spread sheets and Educational supervisors report (academic supervisors report if necessary)


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