Trainees have discetionary access to study leave whilst on the training programme.  This can be used to access experiences, which cannot be gained in planned service placements. Each trainee should plan any study leave with their educational supervisor as part of their learning plan, making a case as to how the proposed educational experience meets their learning needs.

Educational supervisors (still described on some forms as clinical tutors) are responsible for making decisions on whether or not to approve applications for study leave. They take into account whether or not the course applied for is a statutory requirement for training, as well as the educational objectives as defined by the trainee. 

  • £950 is allocated in the first year of training and this amount will be used towards paying the MSc course.
  • £850 will be allocated in subsuquent years (this will be prorata'd for less than full time trainees).
  • Thirty days study leave allowance per annum is allocated (this will be prorata'd for less than full time trainees).
  • The study leave year runs in line with the financial year. 
  • Four days of the study leave allowance is ‘top-sliced’ each year to allow trainees to attend the Public Health Registars’ Group each month.

Appplications for study leave should be made on the appropriate form, and should be submitted six weeks prior to the intended study leave. Completed study leave forms should be signed by the trainee and educational supervisor and forwarded to Susan Holland who will pass onto the Training Programme Director for approval.









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