STR Group


The Specialty Registrars Group (StR group) meets on a monthy basis.

The agenda typically includes a business meeting followed by a session to discuss training experience and ends with a presentation from a speaker on a public health topic. Every three months, the meeting is longer, to allow for a focus on training. Registrars have an opportunity to present projects they are working on or have undertaken and discuss their work experience. External speakers also contribute to these discussions.


The Specialty Registrars' Group believes it is important to develop peer-support. One of the components of the monthly meetings is a session to develop peer-support to discuss issues in public health training, such as ARCP competencies, projects and on-call experience. A ‘buddy’ system is in place and new Specialty Registrars will be given details of their buddy at the induction. Specialty Registrars are encouraged to form peer support groups (e.g. as a focus for Part A preparation)

Structure of group

Name Position
Bekki Shenfine Chair
Mick Shannon Deputy Chair
Aishah Coyte Secretary
Jill Harland Deputy Secretary
Louise Sweeney, Victoria Cooling and Willow Finch  Education Secretaries
Jonathan Lawler STC Representative
Malcolm Moffat SPH Representative
Malcolm Moffat BMA Representative
Julia Bates SRC Representative
Hayley Coleman SRC Deputy Representative
Joanne Darke Sustainability Lead
Jonathan Lawler E-portfolio Representative
Louise Grey Recruitment and Promotion
Sarah Sowden and Rosie Baker HPA on-call link
Kavitha Chawla and Hayley Coleman Trainee Forum
TBC Part A Facilitator
Hayley Coleman Part B Facilitator
Victoria Cooling and Willow Finch Social Organiser
Jill Harland Unite Union rep


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