About the Programme


We are the largest training programme in Health Education England North East and Cumbria, with over 300 postgraduate doctors on our programme at any one time,  we pride ourselves in not losing the personal touch to help all our postgraduate doctors progress through their training programme.

The Northumbria GP Training Programme will:

  • Provide you with a balanced rotation that is compliant for a CCT
  • Provide help and support to allow you to complete MRCGP
  • Provide you with educational opportunities that are relevant to a career in GP (including extended training posts in a range of specialties)
  • Offer opportunities for you to train less than full time
  • Offer opportunities to take time out of programme, for educational or personal development reasons
  • Take your expressed preferences into account when allocating rotations
  • Listen to your feedback about the Programme
  • Provide help and support for doctors in GP training
  • Treat you with respect

We expect you to:

  • Take advantage of the educational opportunities that we offer
  • Complete the assessments for MRCGP in a timely manner
  • Let us know if you are experiencing difficulties, so we can help
  • Give honest feedback when requested
  • Be familiar with the Duties of a Doctor, GMC, and act in accordance with these principles
  • Treat our staff with respect; they are here to help you
  • Inform us of changes to your email or home address promptly
  • Check your email regularly
  • Ensure attendance at relevant courses, keep a record of reflective learning and obtain necessary documentation
  • Submit a new form R each year – failure to do so will jeopardize your Training Programme

We are a paper lite organisation. It is therefore important that you maintain an active email address, check your email regularly and notify us of any change of email address.