6 month Integrated Training Posts (ITPs):
Integrated training posts are based in General Practice but with half of the time spent in a Hospital Specialism or other area associated with health care. 

LTFT working and ITPs.

We are committed to ensuring fairness to all doctors in GP training when allocating all our training posts, but there are educational and logistical implications to ITPs specific to LTFT doctors which we would like you to consider.

In an ITP, each working week is split between 2 sites and specialties (General Practice and the specialty area in question). For a doctor in GP training working at 60%, this results in working 1 day in the specialty, 1 day in GP, with the 3rd day being split between self directed study, any regional teaching  and in-house teaching. A doctor in GP training working 80%, would normally have 2 days in each area with self directed study, regional teaching etc fitted into those days. 

Whatever the % you plan to work, the issues are these:

  • Having such a changing timetable for each day can be disruptive for many doctors in GP training and inhibit the learning that can be achieved in either aspect.
  • It is difficult to develop the relevant skills when the time spent in each department is so limited each week
  • It is also more difficult to develop relationships within two different teams at the same time.

As a result we suggest you think carefully before applying one. Not undertaking an ITP does not necessarily mean that you lose out. The vast majority of our ITPs link with a specialty for which there is an equivalent substantive post for which you can express a separate preference. As a LTFT, your training programme is longer than 3 years and you will be naturally allocated a wider range of posts than a full time trainee. It is therefore very likely that over that training period you will get posts which include your preferences.

The only ITP posts which do not have an equivalent substantive post are :

Occupational health

Infectious Diseases

Substance Missuse .

If you have a particular request to be considered for these or any other ITP then this detail needs to be added to your preference form.

Your preference for specific ITPs will be considered as part of the allocation process.  

Below are the ITP posts that the programme currently offers, click on the link to each ITP Description to view the comprehensive profile (PDF).

ITP Details Area GP Practice
Clincal IT & Leadership Durham Cedars Medical Group 
Clinical Digital Collaberative  Newcastle / North Tyneside Osborne Road Surgery  
Commuinity Fraility Newcastle / North Tyneside Spring Terrace Health Centre    
Community Cardiology  Sunderland St Bede Medical Centre 
Community Paediatrics  Newcastle / North Tyneside Cruddas Park Surgery                 
Dermatology  Durham Cestria Health Centre             
Diabetes  Gateshead Glenpark Medical Centre 
Diabetes/Endocrinology   Sunderland St Bede Medical Centre 
Diabetes/Primary Care  Northumberland Branch End Surgery     
ENT/Ophthalmology (swaps specialty mid point )  Sunderland Village Surgery Silksworth 
Fraility  Durham Queens Road Surgery 
Frailty  South Tyneside Bridge View Medical Group 
GUM  Gateshead Fell Tower Medical Centre    
Infectious Diseases GP  Newcastle / North Tyneside The Grove Medical Group
Palliative Care  Durham Cheveley Park Medical Centre  
Psychiatry  Sunderland St Bede Medical Centre  
Psychiatry  Durham Consett Medical Centre
Psychiatry Sunderland Galleries Medical Practice
Psychiatry  Sunderland Fulwell Medical Centre 
Psychiatry  Newcastle / North Tyneside Park Medical Group           
Psychiatry  Newcastle / North Tyneside Biddlestone Health Group  
Psychiatry  Newcastle / North Tyneside Walker Medical Group
Psychiatry  Gateshead Beacon View Medical Centre    
Psychiatry  Northumberland Burn Brae Medical Centre  
Psychiatry Newcastle / North Tyneside Park Parade Surgery         
Psychiatry   Sunderland The Broadway Medical Practice
Psychiatry  Newcastle / North Tyneside Benfield Park Medical Group    
Psychiatry   Newcastle / North Tyneside Saville Medical Group               
Psychiatry  Northumberland Seaton Park Medical Group    
Psychiatry   Northumberland Widdrington Surgery          
Psychiatry  Newcastle / North Tyneside Osborne Road Surgery   
Leadership Sunderland Bridge View Medical Group 
Leadership Durham Dunelm Medical Practice
Occupational Health  Durham Dunelm Medical Practice  
Occupational Health  Durham Silverdale Family Practice    
Occupational Health  Newcastle / North Tyneside Roseworth Surgery 
Ophthalmology Durham Claypath & University Medical Group 
Ophthalmology/ENT (swaps specialty mid point) Sunderland Victoria Road Health Centre    
Paediatrics Durham Dunelm Medical Practice 
Palliative Care Newcastle / North Tyneside Collingwood Health Group 
Palliative Care Durham Cestria Health Centre              
Palliative Care Northumberland Glendale Surgery    
Palliative Care Northumberland Glendale Surgery      
Palliative Care Rural Medicine Durham Weardale Practice               
Palliative Medicine  Northumberland Valens Medical Partnership - Wellway
Palliative Medicine  Gateshead Longrigg Medical Centre    
Reproductive Health  Sunderland Springwell Medical Group 
Rheumatology                Northumberland Valens Medical Partnership - Wellway
Rheumatology                Gateshead Birtley Medical Group                
Substance Abuse  Newcastle / North Tyneside Monkseaton Medical Centre
Substance Abuse  Gateshead

Teams Medical Practice   

Urgent Care Gateshead Glenpark Medical Centre
Womens Health Northumberland Alnwick Medical Group