Trainee Programme Support (TPS)


The programme provides a system for trainees who require some extra support during their training. This may arise for a variety of reasons e.g. health problems, identified educational needs, personal difficulties, assessment failure, lack of evidence on e-portfolio etc.

Trainees can self-refer to the programme by contacting the programme or issues can be flagged up by Trainers or Educational Supervisors.

Once an issue is identified it will be explored with one of the Training Programme Directors (TPD) and approaches to help the particular problem will be identified. If appropriate trainees will have a TPD appointed to give ongoing support and guidance. There will be regular contact between the Trainee, the TPD, Trainers and Educational Supervisors to aid successful progression throughout the programme. Notes of meetings will be upload to the trainees eportfolio under Educators Notes.


Last updated 4/4/18