General Practice


Absence at Regional Teaching Policy


Monthly Regional Teaching 

If you are unable to attend a monthly teaching session while working in a hopsital post, you will need to send one email to your Group Leader, with your Hospital Clinical Supervisor, Programme Support Officer (Michelle Taberham) The LET (Allison Wallwork) and GP Speciality Assistant (Paula Armstrong) all copied into the same email with all email addresses visible, explaining your reason for being absent.

If you are doing monthly teaching and are working in a Practice or ITP post, please email your reason for absence to all the same people above, but instead of Hospital CS it will be your GP Trainer.

Weekly GP Teaching: 

lf you are absent from Regional Weekly Teaching, please email your reason for absence to your Group Leader, copied to your GP Trainer, Programme Support Officer (Michelle Taberham) the LET (Allison Wallwork), and GP Speciality Assistant (Lisa Pickup) with all email addresses visible stating your reason for absence.


Updated 22/7/2022