General Practice



Below are the forms to be completed each year. Appraisal year runs from 1st April to 31st March.

The forms need to be sent to the programme office where they will be kept in individual trainer's file.

Whenever possible please complete the claim form electronically and email the completed appraisal form and fee form to


Appraisers can claim £100 for each trainer appraisal completed.

Claims must be submitted within 3 months of the appraisal taking place and within the same financial year.

Our aim is for this to be formative and supportive, and to allow trainers the opportunity to discuss and work constructively on any developmental areas raised. It is also important that the structure is sufficiently robust to help trainers ensure that they meet trainer standards for their Health Education England led reaccreditation.

Trainer Development Meetings or Telephone Reviews from NGPTP will continue as current:

  • Within the first year of becoming a trainer
  • 2 years later
  • Every 5 years thereafter

These TDMs will be programmed to fall in the 6 - 9 months before re-accreditation is required (usually every 5 years).  There is a changeover period with the move from 3 to 5 years.

Trainers are required to have peer appraisal in the intervening years. 

You will still need an appraisal if you are fallow.  If for any reason you wish to defer your GP appraisal you will need to let us know you have permission.

 PLEASE NOTE: If you are having your annual trainer appraisal completed by your NHS appraiser you will need to use the same forms as above and copy them to NGPTP afterwards.

Bristol Surveys – these are submitted by trainees at the end of their attachment and shared with trainers for their reflections. These contribute to the re-accreditation process.