General Practice


These are regular developmental meetings (reviews) offered to all trainers. These meetings are to provide trainers with time and space to reflect upon their teaching experiences and to think about further development. The meeting may be done by one or two of the Training Programme Directors (TPDs) in the directorate.

Since the introduction of trainer appraisal the timing and objectives of the meetings have been aligned with the reappointment timetable, whilst retaining a supportive element.

Routine meetings will be arranged with the trainer within a five-year period (two for new trainers). There will be additional meetings to trainers requiring extra support.

The meetings are held on a Wednesday remotely via Teams or Zoom and last approx an hour.

We also read all recent Bristol surveys, feedback on ES reports and previous peer appraisals and identify any significant features that we need to discuss.

The meeting is confidential, however if any information were to come to light which would give us cause for concern about the teaching in a practice we would need to follow it up, but would inform the trainer of our concerns and our proposed course of action.

We generate a report of the meeting which should be kept as evidence for future reappointment and for your annual GP appraisal.