Trainee Area


In this section you will find information on central teaching and support available from the programme.  If you need to contact a member of staff at the programme office telephone numbers and email addresses can be found here.

The Post Graduate School of Primary Care has the following information on their website at;

Induction policy for trainees:

Raising Concerns, information for GP Trainees  - 

  • Annual review of competence progression panel (ARCP)
  • Associates in training
  • Certificate of completion of training (CCT)
  • CSA preparation course
  • Educational contract
  • ePortfolio
  • FormR
  • Inter deanery transfer (IDT)
  • Out of hours (OOH)
  • The Lead employer Trust (LET)
  • Out of programme (OOP)
  • The MRCGP
  • Study leave