Life as a Leadership & Management Fellow 

Working as a Leadership Fellow within HEENE is a great opportunity for any trainee, and part of our role is to promote and engage all the doctors in the region. That’s why we are launching our new monthly brief (in the form of a podcast) to give insight into the work that were doing and highlight the steps that are being taken to benefit the north-east training programme.

Listen to our first 'HEENE Brief' podcast here.

The topics we cover during this episode are:

  • A brief introduction to each of the Leadership Fellows
  • Peer recognition of exemplar behaviour
  • Sleep deprivation and some practical tips to reduce the impact of this
  • Developing a mentoring programme for junior trainees
  • The insider’s guide to the innner working and management of our regional NHS Trusts
  • Taking time out of programme and the support for returning to clinical work
    • in particular shielding trainees due to COVID-19

SuppoRTT for Shielding Trainees

Email: if you would like to know more about help with shielding.

We’re also working on a reference calendar that contains religious festivals and holidays for multiple faiths. Although this might seem a simple piece of work, we’ve all been faced with the challenges of coordinating our work schedules around times that are important to us and our families. We hope this will go some way to minimising some of these common rota management challenges.

Over the next few months, we are excited to be hosting three webinars for trainees who are considering taking time out of programme. These are intended as informative sessions including representatives from within the deanery and trainees that have been involved in a variety of experiences, giving first-hand information on the benefits and challenges they faced. These are open to all trainees of all grades within the region and the links to the session can be found through FAST under the headings OOP Explained. 

The next podcast will be out in November but if you would like to get in touch with us beforehand to raise any issues or put across any points you might have would love to hear from you.

You can email Matt Gray:  or  Justin Green: