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As part of the Supported Return to Training initiative, HEE-NE are providing a number of training activities aimed at those returning to practice. A range of courses are provided, including those centred on clinical skills, simulation, professional development and wellbeing. These are free-of-charge to those accessing SuppoRTT, and additional expenses (e.g. travel, child-care) can be claimed for if attending.

If you are a trainee planning your return to work or have recently returned to working life after a period of more than three months away from a clinical environment you can access our Coaching service to support your transition back in to clinical practice. Did you know we also provide a minimum of three supernumerary days for all returning trainees with the option to extend to up to ten days? Our supernumerary flyer explains all. 

Support is available for Shielding trainees.

Trainees who have been shielding due to covid-19 have access to the same support as all trainees when returning to training. If you have been shielding for a period of 3 months or more, the SuppoRTT programme can offer access to services tailored to your needs, in order to help you with returning to training.

SuppoRTT can offer a period of enhanced supervision, refresher courses and simulation training, mentoring or professional coaching, conferences and workshops and funding for other courses or development, as individually required.

The SuppoRTT for Shielding Trainees Advisory Group (S-STAG) has put together resources and guidance for shielding trainees and supervisors to navigate your time out of training. NHS staff have been given FREE access to a number of wellbeing apps to help you through some of the most challenging times we have faced. Please follow this link to see what is available.

NACT UK have produced guidance around remote medical consultation with a focus on providing and assuring high quality supervision within the virtual clinical environment.  Please follow this link to see this guidance.

If you are part of the Supported Return to Training programme you can still access support as you prepare to re-enter the workplace. Follow this link to the national SuppoRTT webpages to see the most up to date information, resources and programme of webinars. 

Work/Life Balance & Managing Your Time Efficiently  12/11/2020

OOP Explained - Out of Programme Experience & Teaching - 17/11/2020

OOP Explained - Out of Programme Parental Leave - 08/12/2020

OOP Explained - Out of Programme Research - 19/01/2021


Please follow the link below to view all the courses currently provided by the Learner Support and Faculty Development team. Topics that may prove useful when returning to training include " Time Management", "Reslience for Trainees" and "Dealing with Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue". 


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