HEENE Sleep Deprivation & Fatigue Video Series

We recognise the importance of managing night-time working and its impact as part of your working lives as a doctor in training.

We have therefore worked closely with the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research to explore relevant doctor-in-training sleep-related topics to help you to mitigate this impact.

This work has been collated into a series of animated videos covering topics ranging from managing shift work to 'game changer' top tips and beyond (see below).


Supporting information

In support of these videos, we also offer the following:


Sleep Deprivation & Fatigue Workshop

Finally, if you are interested in learning even more, we also offer a recurring opportunity to attend a workshop delivered by the director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research, Professor Jason Ellis, entitled "Dealing with Sleep Deprivation & Fatigue - A Practical Guide". Please browse fast.ncl.ac.uk to check for upcoming workshops. 






Managing Shift Work



Health Implications



Being On Call



The Game Changers



Shift Strategies



Off Duty