Doctors in Training

Doctors in Training

Supporting you to be the best you can be 

We offer you a range of high quality educational and training opportunities that support your immediate and long-term progression whilst aligning to your professional responsibilities as set out in both the GMC's Good Medical Practice and Generic Professional Capabilities Framework which sets out a consistent approach to embed common generic outcomes and content across all postgraduate medical curricula. 

Our aim is to help you build the right skills, knowledge and behaviours you need to positively affect patient care and become the best doctor you can be.  We provide you with opportunities and resources that help you influence day-to-day performance including teamworking, leadership, research, teaching and personal effectiveness.

We provide continuous developmental options in the form of our unique Pyramid of Learning.  It has three main topic areas with optional pathways to help you progress from introductory level to Masters. Our three pyramid faces are:

- Leadership and Management

- Teaching and Training

- Research 

The base of our pyramid is Professionalism. 

Pyramid of Learning - subjects and levels

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Level 4: Elizabeth Garret Anderson Programme - NELA

Level 2:  Leadership  and Management Programme (LAMP)  -   17-19/07/2023      14-16/11/2023

Level 2:  Core Leadership  Programme     06-7/06/2023       11-12/10/2023

Level 2:  Mentoring Skills Workshop   21/06/2023     21/07/2023      

Level 2: Healthcare Leadership Academy - Various Programmes

Level 2: Mary Seacole Programme - NELA

Level 1: Leadership for Clinicians - HEE E-Learning 

Level 1: Edward Jenner Programme - NELA

Level 1: Future Focused Finance - HEE E-Learning

Level 1: Management and Leadership Skills HEE E-Learning


Level 2:Effective Presentation Skills- 26/04/2023

Level 2:Feedback on Practical SIM -     29/06/2023

Digital Health Symposium 2023 -     30/06/2023

Level 4:  Masters in Medical Education - Higher Education (various providers)

Level 3:  Diploma in Medical Education - Higher Education (various providers)

Level 3:  Certificate in Medical Education - Higher Education (various providers)

Level 1: Small Group Teaching BMJ - E-Learning

Level 1: Mentoring Skills - HEE E-Learning


Level 2:  Clinical Research in the NHS Programme    16-17/02/23

Level 4: Higher Level Academic Training (as part of academic post) - Higher Education (various providers)

Level 3: PG Cert in Research - Higher Education (various providers)

Level 3: Leadership in Research - Higher Education (various providers)

Level 1: Informed Consent with Adults Lacking Capacity - NIHR E-Learning

Level 1: Informed Consent in Paediatric Research - NIHR E-Learning


Level 2:  Exam Game Plan -    13/07/2023   12/10/2023

Level 2:  Securing your First Consultant Post  - 21/04/2023    24/11/2023

Level 2:  Clinical Decison Making  - 26/04/2023

Level 2:  Tips to Prevent Burn Out - supporting yourself and your team  - 23/05/2023

Level 2:  Wellbeing Series - Compassionate Leadership  - 04/07/2023

Level 2:  Resilience and Mindfulness - 28/09/2023

Level 2:  Dealing with Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue - A Practical Guide - 04/10/2023

Level 1:  Communicating with Empathy -   HEE E-Learning

Level 1:  Cultural Competence -   HEE E-Learning

Level 1:  Freedom to Speak Up Programme -   HEE E-Learning

Level 1:  Mindfulness - Introduction    HEE E-Learning



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