Programme Leads

Training Programme Directors and Heads of School

We aim to provide ongoing support to your specialty trainees and quality supervisory training to your faculty trainers.  View the learning pathways available to doctors in training and trainers to help you offer appropriate support and direction, we also welcome you to book on to courses you think would be helpful.  We also offer enhanced educational opportunities for both new and experienced Programme Leads. 

Learning for your Continuous Professional Development

Below are learning options which incorporates HEENE events, commissioned workshops, E-learning and opportunities for training in Medical Education. We also include teaching resources as well as an array of reports, frameworks, strategies and policies written by HEE NE, the GMC, AoME, The King's Fund and more. This offers complete training materials (PowerPoint slides, Delegate Workbook, Facilitator Notes and Coordinator Guide) which you can use to deliver short training sessions.  The materials can be adapted to meet the specific learning needs of your group and specialty. 

Future Learn E-Learning: Quality Improvement in Healthcare: Case for Change   

Chimp Paradox -    25/04/2023

Coaching Conversations for Supervisors - 29/09/2022    

Supportive Supervision Conversations -    24/11/2022    27/04/2023

NELA: ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring

Higher Education Provider: Masters in Medical Education 

Higher Education Provider: Diploma in Medical Education

Higher Education Provider: Certificate in Medical Education 

Basis of Educational Research 

Practitioner Enquiry - Using Personal Audit to Develop my Teaching 

Teaching Resources from HealthCareers

The King's Fund: Culture and Leadership Programme

HEENE Training Series - Teaching Resources

In order to support faculty educational events we have developed our new Training Series resource packs.  This initiative offers complete training materials which you can use to deliver short training sessions and adapt to meet the specific learning needs of your group and specialty. The series currently has three subjects:

- Giving Effective Feedback

Writing Quality Supervision Reports

- Action Plan Development 

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Your suggestions are welcome

We welcome your ideas and suggestion on the type of learning opportunities that you would find useful for your development.  Please let us know of any topics that you might find beneficial and any resources that might be of interest to all.