Helping you to develop and inspire the next generation of doctors 

Our purpose is to provide named clinical supervisors and educational supervisors with educational opportunities that meet the GMC’s mandatory standards for postgraduate medical supervisors. 

The quality of medical practice and the safety of patients are hugely dependent on the quality of training received by doctors in training.  Supervisors are pivotal to this and are required to demonstrate and evidence specific trainer competencies, as set out in the Academy of Medical Educators' (AoME) Framework for Medical Supervisors.  This framework was adopted by the GMC as part of their Recognising and Approving Trainers Implemental Plan (2012).

Therefore, our aim is to provide quality learning for supervisors which directly aligns to the GMC’s standards to give accreditation to new supervisors and reaccreditation to experienced supervisors. 

We are very proud of our region’s clinical and educational supervisors who continue to make a real difference to the learning experience of our doctors in training.  Our region continues to rank as number one in the GMC Trainee Survey for the quality of supervision.  We therefore know that committed and enthusiastic trainers are integral to inspiring the next generation of doctors.  The GMC 2018 Trainer Survey recognises the hard work or trainers and states, "Trainers are working exceptionally hard to achieve high standards of medical training and patient care, especially in light of the various pressures they experience in their role."


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HEENE 1 Day Workshop:  Core Skills for New Supervisors

Workshop Dates: -    29/06/2023   19/09/2023    02/11/2023   12/12/2023   25/01/2024   05/03/2024

Core Skills for New Supervisors workshop is designed for consultants and SAS doctors new to supervision and senior trainees approaching CCT.  It presents essential knowledge and skills to get you started in your role and meets the requirements to become recognised as a trainer (supervisor) and provides Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for your educational role for three years.  It clarifies the role of the clinical and educational supervisor and explores topics such as workplace-based assessments, holding effective meetings and appraisals, writing supervision reports and action planning.  It presents feedback skills that encourage trainee-led performance discussions, describes the tell-tale signs that a trainee needs additional support and outlines both the escalation process and support mechanisms available.  

In advance of attending this course delelgates will receive pre-reading.

HEENE E-Learning: Educational and Clinical Supervisors Programme

This E-Learning session provides guidance for educational and clinical supervisors on how to manage the personalisation of work schedules, exception reporting and work schedule reviews.

HEE E-Learning: Supervising a Less than Full-time Trainee

HEE is committed to improving junior doctor’s working lives and championing flexible working more broadly. The programme aims to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively supervise a LTFT trainee and raise awareness of the supervisor’s responsibilities.

Your ongoing CPD:

To maintain your accreditation as a trainer you are required to undertake a minimum of a half day CPD approved event, per year (post your initial 3 year accreditation), in a topic relevant to supervision.  We provide a range of half day and full day specific courses as means to continually develop in your educational role - see our section on 'CPD workshops for Trainers'.



Note: You must have completed the 'Core Skills for New Supervisors' (or similar supervisor induction programme) before attending these courses.     

Providing Good Careers Advice -   05/06/2023

Coaching Conversations for Supervisors -     03/10/2023

Supportive Supervision Conversations  -    31/10/2023

Successfully Applying the GMC Professional Capabilities Framework: A Guide for Trainers - 

Observe an ARCP Panel - Contact your Specialty Programme Coordinator

Appraisal Framework for Educators

The range of workshops, e-learning and videos are aligned to the Academy of Medical Educators' Framework for Medical Supervisors which presents 7 domains and learning options for evidencing supervision. 

Courses and Resources

for your Educational Role   

A selection of learning options to help you develop your knowledge and skills throughout your supervisory career including:  

  • E-Learning
  • Workshops
  • Reading resources
  • Higher Education - MedEd