HEE NE Extended Learning Opportunities

We are delighted to offer a range of extended learning opportunities funded by Health Education England North East and North Cumbria. These programmes offer a variety of learning styles and duration and have been carefully selected to provide a diverse choice. In addition, we continue to offer a wide range of standalone leadership workshops which can be found on FAST as well as a range of links and resources, to develop your individual leadership skills.  

Extended Opportunities 

Please find below a list of our extended opportunity programmes which usually open for applications in the late Spring. Please note for your application to be considered it must be submitted with an appropriate statement of support from your Training Programme Director, Lead Training Programme Director or Head of School.

The costs of each of these programmes are met by HEE NE but programmes 1 and 2 are funded via the apprenticeship levy which utilises government funding which comes with eligibility criteria that is out of our control.  

Please review our Information Brochure containing further information about all programmes, alongside our FAQ's for the Flexible Portfolio Training Route

Programme 1 – Future Leaders Programme  

An 18- month programme aimed at developing clinical leadership and management practice. This is targeted at post-foundation doctors in training looking for a practical programme applicable to the workplace and will support the development of leadership and management skills as a Higher Trainee and beyond. This course is undertaken as a Flexible Portfolio Training programme. You will be a high performing doctor with the ability to compress your clinical work (excluding on call activity) into 80% of the week to free up a day a week to undertake leadership activities relevant to this programme in the trust hosting you. 

Programme 2 - Senior Leader Higher Apprenticeship  

A flexible, work-based postgraduate course designed to provide a formal academic qualification for those aspiring to a future senior strategic role. The course provides an excellent learning platform to develop skills, knowledge, and competences in areas of personal and professional development, including leadership, innovation and organisational strategy. This course is undertaken as a Flexible Portfolio Training programme.  You will be a high performing doctor with the ability to compress your clinical work (excluding on call activity) into 80% of the week to free up a day a week to undertake leadership activities relevant to this programme in the trust hosting you. 

Programme 3: The Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) Scholars Programme  

The Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) Scholars programme offers further development of leadership theory leading to a qualification for those wishing to consider innovative strategic options.  Through this international programme, HLA Scholars have the benefit of learning with healthcare professionals across the globe. Successful completion leads to a postgraduate level leadership qualification and postnominals (MHLA). The flexible programme is designed to fit around busy schedules, so healthcare professionals can continue to work while participating in the programme.   

Programme 4: Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) Intermediate Level 1 Programme  

This programme is for doctors and dentists in training and provides an introduction to leadership theory for those wishing to consider innovative strategic options.  The programme is accredited and supported by UCLan Medical School and on completion of this programme you will gain a Level 7 leadership qualification along with 20 master's credits.   

Programme 5 - Flexible Portfolio Training (FPT) in Clinical Informatics 

A novel initiative to support doctors in higher training to spend 20% of their working week developing their skills and experience in Digital Health.  You will be a high performing doctor with the ability to compress your clinical work (excluding on call activity) into 80% of the week to free up a day a week to undertake a clinical informatics project in the trust hosting you.  You will work alongside the clinical digital services team in the trust to deliver a project or part of an existing project during your time in the trust.  Doctors in training can apply to join FPT after entering higher training (usually ST3 or ST4) and successful FPT can remain as FPT until CCT. 

Programme 6: Postgraduate Certificate in Dental Education with Newcastle University  

Through advancing your skills and knowledge you will enhance your contribution to educational practice in dentistry through this 12-month programme delivered via a mix of online and in-person delivery. This postgraduate certificate aims to develop understanding of the principles and practice of teaching within dental settings. It will introduce the key learning theories related to dental training and facilitate the development of skills in the practice of dental clinical training.  

Programme 7 – Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education (online) with Newcastle University  

The course will suit health professionals and those interested in medical education. This course is relevant if you train others through formal teaching or supervise trainees at work and will suit development as ‘professional’ educators. You'll learn the fundamentals of ‘how to teach’. More importantly, we give you the knowledge and skills to manage unusual educational situations. We do this by introducing you to the literature on ‘how we learn’. If you understand more of how your learners learn in a particular scenario, it becomes easier to teach them. 

Programme 8 – Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education with Sunderland University 

A 12-month part-time programme aimed at all staff who train doctors or medical students and those looking to develop their career in medical education. On completion of the course, you will have developed your skills and knowledge as a teaching professional and have a greater understanding of the delivery and governance of medical training across all levels. You'll develop your knowledge and skills through discussion, demonstration, workshops and, allowing you to practice techniques and different teaching approaches.  

Degree Apprenticeship - Information

Degree Apprenticeship - FAQs

If you require any further information or advice please contact us at england.educationsupport.ne@nhs.net

Leadership Learning

Here at Health Education England working across the North East and North Cumbria we aim to facilitate all doctors in training to reach their full potential in all areas, including the generic professional skill of leadership.

NHS Improvements 'Developing People - Improving Care' (2016) has highlighted the link between leadership and quality improvement and recommended compassion and inclusivity in clinical leadership, encouraging leadership training for all as a core skill.

With the publication of the GMC's 'Generic Professional Capabilities' (2017), the leadership capabilities that are common to all doctors across all specialties have been described, with the expectation that these leadership capabilities will be embedded in all curricula. A workshop to support trainers with the Generic Professional Capabilities can be booked on our FAST page.

Health Education England's strategy 'Leadership Development for Doctors in Postgraduate Medical Training' (2017) sees clinical leadership as a responsibility of all doctors and our leadership strategy for doctors in postgraduate training aims to position leadership and management in the mainstream.

We aim to support all our doctors in training in their personal leadership journey, delivering a tiered learning approach, working towards independent practice.



Our events range offers learning at every stage of your training.  It includes short workshops, formal programmes and qualifications which we have aligned to our Pyramid of Learning to ensure we offer leadership and management opportunities from introductory through to Masters level.

Note: for HEE e-learning and videos please register with e-LFH

Level 4: Elizabeth Garret Anderson Programme - NELA

Level 2: HLA Leadership Programme - HLA

Level 2: Mary Seacole Programme - NELA

Level 1: Edward Jenner Programme - HEE E-Learning 

Level 1: Edward Jenner Programme - NELA

Level 1: Future Focused Finance HEE E-Learning

Level 1: Management and Leadership Skills -  HEE E-Learning


Leadership Podcast

Dr Navina Evans CBE: leadership, learning and the NHS workforce | The King's Fund (kingsfund.org.uk)

Synopsis - How do you solve a problem like NHS workforce planning? Ruth Robertson speaks to Dr Navina Evans CBE about her leadership journey – from starting out as a psychiatrist, to becoming NHS England’s Chief Workforce and Training Education Officer – and the opportunities and challenges of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.





Essential tools for the job: why physicians need to improve medical leadership and management

Given the current workforce and financial issues facing the NHS, should physicians just concentrate on seeing as many patients as they can, as quickly as they can? Professor Namita Kumar says perhaps not.


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