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Life as a Leadership & Management Fellow 

The Year just seems to be flying by here at HEE NE and as we move into the spring, the Leadership Fellows are keen as ever to talk about some the work they are involved in. Alex takes up the mantel as host for a belated episode 4 of the HEENE Brief. 


Listen to the fourth 'HEENE Brief' podcast here.


In episode 4, the fellows talk about:

  • Collaborating with the Dental Leadership Fellows in regional projects.
  • The recruitment and appointment of Next years Fellows (no names are given away just yet)
  • Getting involved with the Deans’ Executive Meeting for Quality
  • The all New National Trainee Executive Forum


We are also promoting a region wide Wellbeing Series that is underway and will run for the next 4 months. Booking can be found HERE


You may have noticed this episode comes little later that we had anticipated. Needless to say, this was beyond our control, but all will be revealed within the HEENE brief.

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