COVID-19: Information for HEE NE doctors and dentists in training, faculty & stakeholders

Are you a healthworker returning to practice, wishing to volunteer or can you do extra shifts/additional hours?

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In this rapidly moving and challenging time, HEE NE have created this specific webpage resource with the aim to help keep our doctors and dentists in training up to date and informed. We also hope this resource will be helpful for our PGMDE faculty and partner NHS trusts and wider stakeholders. 

We will be continually updating this website as further information, documentation and announcements occur. 

This local HEE NE resource should be read in conjunction with HEE’s national dedicated website:

We hope these resources answer any queries that you may have, however if you have any specific queries please email and we will endeavour to resolve your query as soon as possible.

Management of Training Rotations 

Guidance for Managed Dental Education and Training

Medical School Council Advice

Temporary Suspension of PYA process during COVID-19

Trainees in Academic Placements

Think SIM for COVOID-19 Preperations

NHS England/Improvement Update 17th March

HEI COVOID-19 Arrangements

National SuppoRTT Letter for Doctors returning to training in COVID 19 

Exams for Doctors in Training - COVID 19

Covid-19 and professional standards activities (including appraisal and revalidation)

Contingency Policy for ARCPs Four Nation Letter

Letter to IAT medical academic trainees and medical trainees central - 18/03/20

HCPC policy position – COVID-19 response

Covid 19 - resources  - AHP workforce 20/30/20

Resources from Royal Colleges and other professional bodies on COVID-19

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 18th March

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 19th March

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 26th March

COVID-19 Ltr - InterACt 20 March

Joint statement education COVID-19 20 March 

COVID 19 - Management of Acute Respiratory Symptoms

COVID 19 Transmission and infection control

FPA-PASC Minimum hours requirements COVID-19_

COPMeD guidance on trainee revalidation during COVID-19

MR letter to UGPG Deans re nursing data 23 March 

Apprenticeship Hub Covid-19 Bulletin 24th March

Guidance on Management of Less Than Full Time Trainees

Joint statement 5th year medical students

Dental Joint statement education COVID-19 19 03 20

Joint statement-update for students not in final six months of programme 25 03 20

Mental health care for staff during coronavirus outbreak Lancet Feb 2020

Statement of Expectation - Medical Student volunteers in the NHS

Wellbeing support services

Guidance on facilitating the return of trainees on flexible training pathways

Guidance for pre-reg trainee Pharmacist and pre-reg trainee Pharmacy Technician

HEE Education and Training Daily Digest 25 March

A message from Dame Clare Marx, Chair of the GMC

COVID temp register now live press release 

COVID Student Data - Nursing Data Guidance 27 March

Letter to nursing and midwifery students - 26 March