GPs Workforce


Virtual Oral Health Training

Training for GP, clinical and practice staff.


The aim of our training is to:

  • Explain the importance of good oral health in relation to systemic health
  • Prescribe some medications on behalf of specialist dentists
  • Reconise a range of common oral conditions
  • List common medications with a negative impact on oral health
  • Demonstrate and discuss effective oral hygiene routines, including tooth brushing, fluoride and caries reduction
  • Differentiate between emergency and urgent dental care
  • Define NHS reatment bands, costs and exemptions
  • 1 hour training session delivered via MS Teams
  • To book a free session, please e-mail
  • For more information, please see our link to our latest brochure

GP Virtual Training Module

Oral health as a brief intervention is also available via e-learning. The module  presents the learning through a variety of media and promotes a flexible, convenient and interactive way of assimilating the  information. Video content complements  interactive audio/visual demonstrations of  the concepts within the training. These demonstrations are backed up with  supporting information and links to other resources or those wanting to investigate specific topics further. The module is broken down into short  sections. Progress is tracked, making it easy to navigate content, digest information, and resume where you left off should you need to pause your learning.To begin your training, head to:

GP Resources and Guidance

For useful resources and guidance for GPs, click here where you will find a wide range resources such as YouTube videos & websites