Restoring Efficiency of Dental Registrants


The Directorate will not accept any new requests for educational support to restoring efficiency of dental registrants in difficulty with the COPDEND ‘Remediation of Dentists in Difficulty from 1 October 2021 and any guidance currently in place for registrants will stop 31 March 2022.

In line with the Guidance, the Directorate will, where appropriate:

  1. Appoint a named adviser to oversee the case
  2. Request a revalidation portfolio from the registrant
  3. Advise the registrant on the activities and tools they can use to remediate themselves
  4. Assist the registrant in drawing up action plans for their clinical remediation
  5. Assist in arranging operative assessments where appropriate
  6. Advise the referrer if there are concerns about health, with the consent of the registrant
  7. Confirm in writing with the registrant the issues, actions and outcomes associated with the process
  8. Agree the plan with the registrant and the referrer, as appropriate
  9. Monitor the action plan for clinical activity
  10. Report progress in achieving the milestones in the action plan to the referrer
  11. Report failure to achieve the milestones to the referrer
  12. Report outcomes of the action plan to the referrer
  13. Liaise with the registrant’s defence organisation as appropriate
  14. Keep  appropriate records during the remediation period and for 11 years afterwards
  15. Refer back if the Directorate deems it is unable to assist

Dental registrants, includes registrants who are currently being investigated by the GDC or NHS England (or its agents) where the investigating organisation has recommended that the dentist meets with the Directorate.  If you have been advised to contact the Directorate by the GDC, NHS England, your Protection Society or similar body, the Postgraduate Dental Dean or his Deputy will require a formal written request from the referring body with details of the reason for the referral before arranging to meet with you.

The Directorate can provide an initial meeting with the Postgraduate Dental Dean or his Deputy,  who will assess your learning needs and give you guidance on your requirements and, if necessary, offer further assistance through one of the Dental Tutors. Normally, the Directorate does not make a charge for the initial meeting to identify your learning needs and to assist you in the production of an educational development plan. The Directorate will also provide a report to the referring organisation on your progress with the plan, when requested.

Whilst the Directorate can assist you in planning your remediation package, all other costs, including those associated with any training, are your responsibility. 

Please email for any further clarification or an application from and fee structure for support.