About to return to practice?


When you are ready to return to practice, you need to decide how and where you wish to work. You will first have to ensure that your registration with the General Dental Council (GDC) is current and that your professional indemnity is up to date. If you wish to return to primary care NHS dentistry you will need to find a practice that can offer you a position and then apply to join the national Performers List. The requirements that cover inclusion on the Performers List are covered by the National Health Service (Performers List) (England) Regulations 2013.


Applying for inclusion on the national Dental Performers List

The application to be included on the Performers List can be obtained here. You will have to submit several documents to the NHS England (North East and Cumbria) and you will also have to show that you;

  • have completed Dental Foundation Training/Vocational Training, or
  • can demonstrate equivalence to Dental Foundation Training , or
  • are exempt from the requirement to undertake Dental Foundation Training


Additional information about how NHS England will process your application can be found in Annex 6 (Page 40) of their guidance.


If you have completed Dental Foundation Training/VT or are exempt, NHS England will assess your application without DMDE involvement, but may still choose to apply a number of conditions to your inclusion in the Performers List. This may include having to work for a period of time under the guidance of another dentist at your new practice.


If you have not completed Dental Foundation Training/VT or cannot prove exemption from the requirement to undertake Dental Foundation Training, NHS England will refer your application to the Directorate for an assessment. To demonstrate equivalence to DFT you will normally be required to undertake a period of Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE) to a programme set out by the Postgraduate Dental Dean on the advice of an assessment panel. Each case is assessed individually and involves a number of competencies. A competency framework can be found in the Performers List Assessment section of our website together with more information about the whole application process.


If you are required to undertake a period of PLVE your proposed Mentor will need to apply to the Directorate for approval and, unless they have been involved in training recently, will need to be interviewed. The practice in which you wish to work will normally also need to be assessed and approved as a suitable environment for PLVE Training. Assuming all is satisfactory a training programme for you will be devised to help you address the competencies which you will need to demonstrate. There are occasions, however, when a proposed Mentor and/or practice are not deemed suitable. In this event, you would have to find and propose an alternative practice and Mentor.


Towards the end of the training period, a report of your progress will be made and the Directorate will assess whether you have achieved the competencies required for completion of PLVE. If so, a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion will be issued, allowing you to apply to remain on the Performers List following your training period.


Our DFTQ policy sets out all of the information relating to this process.


If you are planning to work solely in private practice or in secondary care, you are not required to join the NHS Performers List and the above process does not apply. However, an increasing number of secondary care appointments include a NHS primary care commitment and require a Performers List number.


If you are intending to work in the NHS within the Directorate boundary and you require advice on any other these requirements please contact us.