Dental Therapist Foundation Training Educational Supervisor Applications


Being an Educational Supervisor for a Foundation Dental Therapist can be very rewarding and brings with it additional opportunities.  Many Educational Supervisors relish the opportunity to develop the skills of the therapists of the future as well as enhancing their own.  

Becoming an Educational Supervisor is a great way to introduce dental therapy to your practice and help your own career development. Here’s what two of our current ESs have to say:


Nick Marshall, Educational Supervisor

As an educational supervisor on the therapy scheme, I find it very rewarding to use my experience to help mentor a new graduate. Seeing someone progress from an inexperienced starter to a competent independent clinician under your guidance is very satisfying.

There are benefits to patient care as I feel happier booking longer appointments for those patients that would benefit from it without as much concern about the financial implications.

Supervising someone else also encourages me to reflect on my own practice and ensure that I am maintaining good standards. I am also given access to training opportunities through the deanery.

I have more control over the sorts of treatment I want to complete. Being able to refer straightforward restorative treatment allows me to focus on the more complex work that I find engaging. It also allows me to share the management of high needs patients who may require long treatment plans.

It offers variety to my day-to-day practice. Tutorials, hands on supervision and assisting on study days can offer a welcome change to the sometimes monotonous realities of clinical practice.’


Clare Hindmarch, Educational Supervisor

I enjoy my role as an Educational Supervisor for the Therapy Scheme. It is a valuable experience to mentor a newly qualified clinician in the early days of their career and allows me to develop my own reflective practice and ensure I maintain excellent standards in my clinical work. I enjoy the variety it brings to my working week and has encouraged my practice to work on our team referrals to fully utilise the scope of a Dental Therapist. ‘


Remuneration DTFT – (correct November 2021)

Therapists will be placed with the practice 3 days a week and on an enhanced placement for the remaining 2 days

· Educational Supervisor Grant (£6,143 per annum)

· UDAs completed by FTDT counted towards contract

· Service Costs (£10,000 per annum)

· Foundation Dental Therapist salary met by HEE


ES Development Programme

A free range of study days tailored for Educational Supervisors, covering a range of clinical management topics


ES requirements:

Therapist in practice 3 days a week, must include a Monday

Available to support Foundation Therapist in practice 2 days per week

Years qualified: minimum of 4, post graduation

Qualifications: BDS or Dental Therapy qualification


2022/23 recruitment timeline:


1 December 2021 - 17 January 2022 - application window

Week commencing 10 and 17 January - longlisting and shortlisting

Week commencing 24 January - notification of practice visits and interviews 

February and March - practice visits carried out

10 March - mandatory Assessment and Feedback course for new applicants and anyone returning after a gap of 3 years or more

7 April - interviews (should there be insufficent capacity to hold all interviews on the 7 April we will also hold interviews on the 6 April)

Week commencing 18 April - candidates notified

21 May - mandatory ES/ Foundation Therapist matching event

8 June - mandatory Educational Supervisor training for new applicants and anyone returning after a gap of 3 years or more

30 June - mandatory Educational Supervisor training for all Educational Supervisors

The process for allocating Therapists to ESs can not be finalised until dental school graduation dates are confirmed. 


Pre-entry requirements:

  • Equality and Diversity course completed within the last three years
  • University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Facilitating Learning in a Healthcare Practice.  Registration with any similar educational course will be acceptable at this stage subject to it being at Postgraduate certificate level or greater. Not a mandatory requirement for the first year of training.
    • Venue: Online teaching
    • Dates: 18 January 2022, 15 February 2022, 15 March 2022, 5 April 2022, 3 May 2022
    • Fee: to be confimed, the fee for the 2021 cohort fee is £1152
    • To enrol: Set up an account and search for the Facilitating Learning in a Healthcare Practice course commencing the new date.  For queries regarding the application process email 
    • If appointed, on completion of the course and proof of certificate, the course fee may be reimbursed (subject to available funding)



Application Process & Documents

Applications and accompanying documents must be submitted electronically to  by the closing date of  17  January 2022, 4pm.

Please title the email “Educational Supervisor application” and attach all the required documents which must be named accordingly.   

Applications received by 20 December 2021 will be checked and you will be given the opportunity to resubmit any missing information by the above  closing date.

Please note:

  • Handwritten applications will not be accepted
  • Late applications will not be accepted
  • Applications which are unsigned and/or incomplete and fail to include all documentation will not be progressed
  • All applications will be verified and only those which are complete and correct will be accepted to take part in the Educational Supervisor appointment process
  • As part of the long listing process, we will check the GDC website for verification of your registration number, date of registration and any listed restrictions or conditions. We will also check the CQC website to ensure there are no areas of non-compliance for the practice


Application documents:

The application comprises of five parts

1. Application form (to be completed electronically)

2. Educational Supervisor practice: list of essential and desirable requirements (to be completed electronically)

3. Sample Provider letter for applicants who are Performers/non contract owners only

4. Monitoring information (to be completed electronically)

5. List of essential documents to be submitted with your application


Associated douments:

Educational Supervisor Appointment Policy

Educational Supervisor Role Profile (updated 16.12.21)

Longlisting/ Shortlisting Criteria