Elderly Care/Older People Programme


Health Education England working across the north east and north cumbria offer free training in oral healthcare in the aging population.
















By helping raise awareness of the importance of good oral health, both for quality of life and for general health, and by introducing oral health training for these groups, we aim to establish a sustainable quality standard for the oral healthcare of the older person.

We offer courses in the following topics:

  • Mouth Care Matters
  • Dementia and Oral Health
  • Teath events


Mouth Care Matters - Learning outcomes

Target Audience - Carers and Care Managers

  • Discuss the importance of oral health in relation to systematic health and how it fits into the GDC inspection framework in relation to personal care.
  • Discuss the reasons for oral health deterioration in older people.
  • List the oral risk factors for dental disease typically impacting on the older person.
  • Describe the importance of carrying out basic oral care such as tooth brushing, care of dentures and dry mouths.
  • Discuss the importance and develop a framework of carrying out an initial Oral Health Needs Assessment and operating daily oral care plans as part of an individual's daily care plan.
  • Describe the importance of regular dental examinations.


Dementia and Oral health - Learning outcomes

Target Audience - Cares and Care Managers

  • Describe problems associated with dementia and oral health.
  • Explain the anatomy and physiology of dementia.
  • Demonstrate behaviours linked to dementia and give practical examples of what it means to live with dementia.
  • Explain and demonstrate communicaiton methods that can be used when dealing with people living with dementia.
  • Discuss coping strategies that can be used to help the workforce achieve their goal.


Teath events - Learning outcomes

Target Audience - Resident and Family members

  • Discuss the importance of a good oral hygiene routine in the older person and the impact it can have on general health.
  • Demonstrate an effective oral hygiene routine with natural teeth and dentures.
  • Demonstrate tooth-brushing techniques using adapted aids.
  • Recognise the importance of regular denture cleaning.
  • Identify best practie regarding safe snacks and drinks.
  • Describe the importance of regular dental examinations.

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