Virtual Oral Health Training

Training for GP, clinical and practice staff.


What to expect from our training:

  • Explain the importance of good oral health in relation to systemic health
  • Prescribe some medications on behalf of specialist dentists
  • Reconise a range of common oral conditions
  • List common medications with a negative impact on oral health
  • Demonstrate and discuss effective oral hygiene routines, including tooth brushing, fluoride and caries reduction
  • Differentiate between emergency and urgent dental care
  • Define NHS reatment bands, costs and exemptions
  • 1 hour training session delivered via MS Teams
  • To book a free session, please e-mail
  • For more information, please see our link to our latest brochure

GP Resources and Guidance

For useful resources and guidance for GPs, click here where you will find a wide range resources such as YouTube videos & websites