GP Appraisal and Revalidation


GP Appraisal and Revalidation

This page is for information only and contains links to various documents and areas which we are sure you will find useful. If you have a query which is not covered here, please don't contact the School of Primary Care as they don't deal with GP appraisals.  You should contact the appraisal team whose contact details are given further down this page.  Please note that the NHSE NE and Cumbria appraisal website now hosts all the relevant information on appraisal and revalidation in the NE and can be found here.


Revalidation is the means by which all GPs must demonstrate on a 5 yearly basis that they remain up to date and fit to practice.  Revalidation depends on satisfactory engagement in annual appraisal, including a submission of a portfolio of defined supporting information and a sign off from the designated body with whom the GP has a 'prescribed connection' as defined by the GMC.

All GPs in England have a prescribed connection to NHS England, who has responsibility for appraisal and revalidation of GPs.  This is administered locally by NHS England, Cumbria and North East (previously called the Area Team). In this region there are currently 3000 GPs (including trainees), 1 Responsible Officer (RO) and 3 Medical Directors/Deputy ROs.  The Current team is as follows:

Responsible Officer - NHS England North East and Cumbria - Dr Jonathan Slade

Deputy Responsible Officer - Dr Tim Butler

From September 2016, two new Deputy Medical Directors will be working with Dr Tim Butler – Dr Paul Cassidy and Dr Anji Curry.

Clinical Lead - NHS England Cumbria and North East - Dr Di Jelley

Your Revalidation date is fixed by the GMC and can be found by looking at your GMC account on line. In the 3 month period before this date your appraisal documentation will be reviewed by the RO/Deputy RO. You will be recommended for revalidation by the GMC  if you have engaged in annual appraisal, and submitted the required 'Supporting Information' (which must include using an approved patient and colleague feedback tool at least once in the 5 years prior to your revalidation), and if you have no unresolved performance concerns. 

If there are any concerns about your engagement in the appraisal process, or if you are missing any documentation, someone from the NHS England (Cumbria and North East) team will contact you for further information.  If your last appraisal prior to your revalidation is not fully 'revalidation ready', and you have been asked to submit additional information, please make sure you that is sent to NHSE at least a month in advance by emailing


All doctors in the UK are required to have an appraisal each year-for GPs this is one of the conditions GPs must fulfill in order to stay on the National Performers List (NPL).

GP Appraisal is administered using the Revalidation Management System (RMS). This allows you to log on and view your appraisal documentation at any time and provides NHSE with a means to support and monitor the engagement of every GP in the appraisal process and to facilitate their appraisal every 5 years. You should have been sent personal log in details for the RMS system.  If you haven't received these, then contact the NHSE admin team via email at To access RMS click here.

Your appraisal should take place in your birthday month. 

If there is good reason why you cannot have your appraisal in your birthday month, e.g. maternity leave, sick leave or sabbatical then please contact NHSE using the postponement form which can be obtained from

From 1st April 2016 your appraiser will have been allocated to you via a random process linked to RMS that takes into account geography and any conflicts of interest.  You will be allocated to an appraiser who has signed up to appraise in your area - your appraiser should travel to you unless you agree to an alternative arrangement.

You have the option to decline your first allocation if you have good reason to do so.  Once you and your appraiser have agreed your allocation, either you or the appraiser must enter your chosen date onto RMS.  If this is not done, you will continue to receive reminder emails to book your appraisal from RMS every month.

Please note - if you have any questions or problems with appraisal or the online system, please do not contact the School of Primary Care as they do not deal with GP appraisal.  You will need to contact the dedicated appraisal team via email or telephone 0113 824 7242.

Appraisal Documentation

In the North East and Cumbria, the preferred vehicle for submitting your appraisal documentation is the Medical Appraisal Guide (MAG form) which has recently been updated and improved use. A copy of the MAG Form and related NHSE guidance on its use can be found on the NHSE website

The MAG form does not have integral templates for recording your quality improvement activities, complaints, SEA's or multi-source feedback review.  Individual templates for all these activities that you need to complete and submit as part of your supporting Information will be available on the NHS England (Cumbria and NE) appraisal website which should be operational in the autumn of 2016. In the interim period, all documents/templates etc. can be requested from the appraisal team by emailing

It is also acceptable to use the Clarity/RCGP appraisal toolkit - this has a cost attached whereas the MAG form is free to use. 

Supporting information for annual appraisal

The new MAG Form contains detailed guidance on the Supporting Information required for annual appraisal in the form of a checklist in section 17.

The RCGP has just updated its Revalidation Guidance and simplified the requirements in terms of quality improvement activities/SEAs and audits. The changes and a brief checklist of the Supporting Information required annually from 1/416 can be found in the NHSE C & NE April GP Newsletter which has been circulated and a copy can be obtained from the appraisals team

The new RCGP guidance is written to make engagement in annual appraisal equally accessible to all GPs, whether they are practice partners, working in a salaried post or as a locum.

Appraisal Conferences

Information on appraisal conferences can be found HERE when information is available.