Appraiser Information and Training



New Appraiser Training

Most appraisers are clinically active GPs - a few are GPs who have given up their clinical work but have a variety of other roles-management, training etc. We need a cohort of at least 200 appraisers across the region and we run a new appraiser training course every 2-3 years. The course takes place over 2 days and new appraisers who successfully complete the course are mentored through their first 3 appraisals by a GP Tutor. The minimum requirement is to have been qualified as a GP for at least 3 years and experience of undergraduate training or GP training is a useful, transferable skill.  Trained appraisers are expected to carry out between 5 and 20 appraisals per year.

If you are interested in becoming an appraiser for NE and Cumbria, you can email our Associate Director Dr Di Jelley for more information and to be placed on the waiting list for the next course.

Working as an Appraiser

Appraisers are each supported by an individual GP Tutor who is responsible for the QA of the work of 10-15 appraisers. Annual QA review includes assessment of the quality of a sample of appraisal forms and appraisee feedback. A face to face meeting can be arranged if needed. Concerns about an appraiser’s performance are fed back to the appraisal lead and additional support provided as needed

Appraisers are expected to attend at least 3 sessions a year of update training – GP Tutors run appraiser support groups based in each locality 2-3 times a year. HEE supports annual conferences in the NE and NW in October each year and NHSE funds 5 regional half day update sessions in March each year.