Intending Trainers


Are you thinking of becoming a trainer?  Do you want to use your knowledge and experience to inspire others? 

Becoming a trainer is a rewarding experience. Before you make your decision to apply for the course you may find our overview document and course information guide useful sources of material. Alternatively if you have any questions please contact


We run an Intending Trainers' course twice a year in Spring and Autumn. 

The courses are free to attend (resubmission fees apply as outlined in the course information guide). We have provided free training for the current intending trainers as we try to meet the demands of the expansion in numbers of doctors in training. We work on the basis that a newly approved GP trainer equates to a new post in a practice, unless a trainer is leaving or there are other mitigating circumstances.


An overview of the course can be found here. The course consists of:

Successful completion of the course will lead to a trainer appointment panel. 


In order to apply for the course you must:

  • Meet eligibility criteria for the course 
  • Ensure you can commit to ALL of the teaching dates
  • Read in full the course information guide 
  • Complete the Application form - please note that each PCN is linked to a Training Programme. The applicant will automatically be linked to the relevant Training Programme as outlined in the attached list.
  • Successfully complete, submit and pass 1 pre-course task consisting of a patient consultation recorded session
  • Complete the checklist to ensure you are all set and ready to go before the first teaching module starts (you do not need to share a copy of this with us)


Further information and guidance on all of the above can be found in our course information guide 

Useful documents:

For details on forthcoming courses, please click here.