Approving locations for training 


In order to host a GP postgraduate in training for more than 2 sessions per week, the location must be approved with the GMC.

If you are unsure if a location has GMC approval, please view the list of approved programmes and sites.  

Examples of when GMC approval is not required:

  • A patient’s home where a doctor in training is visiting alone
  • A location where a doctor in training will spend short periods of training time that is part of the on-going training programme
  • For each site of a multi-site GP practice (the overarching GP practice would have the approval)
  • GP branch practices.

In order to apply for approval please contact Tammy Armstrong. The practice will be required to complete a notes audit; a premises visit will then be carried out by a Clinical Lead using an environment approval checklist. Prior to the visit trainers are required to read the Trainer standards document.

If you have any queries regarding approvals, please contact Tammy Armstrong.