Academic opportunities


Information about Academic posts

Why should I consider applying for one of these posts? Because they offer:

  • An opportunity to undertake supervised research relevant to general practice
  • Research training is included in the post via supervision and accredited modules
  • You can contribute to the body of knowledge which has potential to improve general practice
  • You have the opportunity to study an area of professional/ personal interest
  • The opportunity to gain an additional qualification or CATS points
  • The opportunity to consider a career as an academic GP
  • The posts are for a year, and contribute the equivalent of a 6 month integrated training post  towards certification. That means a slightly longer programme, but one with extra general practice experience and increased opportunity to complete MRCGP
  • The 6 month extension required will be funded by NHSE and managed by the training programme within which you are doing your training.

What are the learning outcomes of the posts?

  • Development and application of research methodologies and approaches with potential to lead to robust evidence based care making optimum use of available resources
  • Opportunities to develop a portfolio career linked to service development, research and academic general practice
  • Skill development in critical analysis of research data, research policies and processes
  • Ability to translate evidence into clinical guidelines relevant to general practice settings
  • Participation, taking a lead as appropriate, in evidence based medical practice/ health care

Providing a GP Post is available applications for Academic Integrated Training Posts (AITP) will normally be invited during November.   


The way that this post fits into your planned training programme varies from programme to programme, and you should contact your Training Programme Director for how the post would be implemented. The norm is for it to replace the planned ST2 or ST3 year. Successful candidates may have to change their planned posts after the academic post finishes.

As the total length of the post is 12 months, and it only counts as 6 months for certificatory purposes, your programme will then last at least 3.5 years.