Postgraduate School of Primary Care


GP Educators Conference 2022


Tuesday 8th March 2022

Wednesday 9th March 2022

Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Thursday 24th March 2022


The conference brochure can be found here.

The brochure provides full information regarding the conference. Please ensure you read pages 2 and 3.


Key points (further information can be found in the brochure)

  • Main plenary will be on Microsoft Teams and Workshops will be on Zoom
  • There is no need to register and no limit on the number of attendees per session
  • We will not be taking a register of attendance or producing certificates of attendance
  • Any handouts provided by facilitators will be available at this link as and when received.
  • We will circulate an online feedback form to all trainers after Day 2 and Day 4
  • If you have any queries regarding any aspects of the conference, please get in touch in advance


Randomised Coffee Trials

This year we are introducing Randomised Coffee Trials (RCTs). RCTs are an optional opportunity for you to network with one or two other people. Scheduled at your own convenience via whatever method you prefer. If you would like to take part, you need to sign up here by 23rd  February 2022. You will then be randomly split into groups of one or two and your group will be emailed so that you can liaise with each other to schedule your coffee time.


Activity Challenge

In keeping with a healthy body equals a healthy mind, we would like to encourage everyone to take active breaks away from the computer and get involved with our activity challenge to see if we can complete the Pennine Way Challenge of 268 miles.

We would like people to get involved by submitting their miles for the day (this could be through any activity such as walking, jogging, swimming etc.). As part of the feedback form which everyone will receive after Day 2 and Day 4 of the conference, there is a question asking how many miles you completed each day. We would really appreciate your participation in this activity. After the conference we will share the results of the challenge.