Supervisory Trainers



Supervisory Trainers are experienced GP Trainers who are an integral part of the Intending Trainers Course. They are assigned an Intending Trainer each year and undertake supervised training sessions with their postgraduate doctor in training to develop the Intending Trainers skills as an educator.


Becoming a Supervisory Trainer

All GP Trainers with 3+ years training experience are welcome to apply. We need a bank of Supervisory Trainers each year to allocate on a geographical basis.

In brief the role involves:

  • Review of material relating to Supervisory Training. Upon completion, the practice will receive a payment of £225.44 for this prep-work.
  • 6 observed tutorial sessions with a GP trainee and Intending Trainer.
  • An initial planning session in advance of the 6 observed sessions and a feedback/ debriefing session at the end.
  • Core tutorials on COT, CBD and Educational Supervision need to be incorporated in the 6 sessions. Training and hands on practice on the e-portfolio is also essential.
  • Written feedback needs to be given on each tutorial and Summative feedback needs to be given at the end of the training period


On completion of the above elements, the practice will receive a payment of £1500 for carrying out this role.

If you are interested in becoming a Supervisory Trainer please contact us for further information.   


Further information on the role of a Supervisory Trainer can be found in the Guidance for Supervisory Trainers.

Supervisory Trainer report template

Educational contract between ST and IT