The ePortfolio is a web-based tool that records details of achievement, documents all stages of training and records evidence of WPBA and reviews with educational supervisors.

A record of personal development and experience is becoming mandatory for all doctors. It provides evidence that training has taken place and allows the postgraduate doctor in training to reflect on a range of learning opportunities. The WBPA is defined as the evaluation of a doctor’s progress in their performance over time, in those areas of professional practice best tested in the workplace.

Workplace-based assessment brings together teaching, learning and assessment. Postgraduate doctorsin training will know what is expected of them and will have the opportunity to demonstrate attainment over time in a variety of contexts. The assessment recorded in the ePortfolio will be drawn from performance and evaluation taking place in the real situations in which doctors work. It also allows competence in areas such as team-working to be appraised in a manner which cannot be done by the AKT and the RCA.

Many tools will be completed on-line without the contributor having to enter the ePortfolio. Writing to many parts of the ePortfolio will be limited to the trainer or educational supervisor. The personal section of the ePortfolio will be hidden to all except the postgraduate doctor in training.

The ePortfolio will carry the evidence that is considered at interim and final reviews. Postgraduate doctors in training who pass WPBA at final review and also have a pass in the AKT and RCA will be eligible to apply for certification of completion of training (CCT), inclusion in the General Medical Council’s GP Register and membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Postgraduate doctor in training are reminded to always visit the RCGP WPBA page to ensure they have the most up to date information about what is required for each stage of training.

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RCGP ePortfolio Curriculum Guide

RCGP WPBA Handbook

RCGP WPBA webpage