What are the New Roles in Primary Care?

The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) provides additional roles to PCNs to create bespoke multi-disciplinary teams. It is forecasted to create 26,000 new roles in primary care by 2024. The aim of the scheme is to build and utilise the additional roles to solve the workforce shortage in general practice.

The Primary Care Training Hub identified a need amongst its stakeholders for local resources to promote and embed these roles, and therefore have created the below tools.

New Roles In Primary Care Video

Working in conjuction with individuals working within the new roles in primary care, this video aims to provide an understanding of how these roles have been embedded into primary care, and the impact that they've had on patient care and the Primary Care Network. Click here for the short version, containing smaller insights into the roles and how they work in practice, or click here for the longer video which gives a more detailed insight into each of the roles.

ARRS Web Resource

The Primary Care Training Hub worked with various local and national stakeholders to develop an online resource which provided further information about all of the new roles. The resource is split into into a Roles Overview, including skills and competencies, job descriptions, case studies and more; and a Skills Matrix and User Guide of competencies against constings. You can access this resource here or via ‘useful links’.

Role Specific Webinars

Working closely with local stakeholders, the Primary Care Training Hub gave role specific webinars to give further insight into some of the ARRS roles, and how to embed these in practice. Click below to view.

 Clinical Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Webinar 
 Physician Associate Webinar 
 Personalised Care Roles Webinar

Getting Started...

Many practices and PCNs are still in the early stages of understanding and embedding these roles. The Primary Care Training Hub have worked closely with stakeholders to understand the challenges that this brings to be able to signpost and support appropriately.

NHS Jobs

If you're looking for a new role in primary care, these are all being advertised on NHS Jobs and HealthJobs.
For guidance on completing a successful application on NHS Jobs, click here.

Induction Support

The Primary Care Training Hub work with local CCGs to arrange induction programmes for those new to primary care. To find out if your CCG has a local induction coming up, get in touch! We have created the attached Induction Checklist which you can use with your practice or line manager to help you get settled into your new role.

Embedding Roles into Primary Care

The Kings Fund have provided this research to demonstrate how to implement and integrate ARRS roles into PCNs effectively, examining relevant issues and considering how these are overcome.  View full report here |  View summary here.

New to Primary Care Course : North Cumbria Only

The Primary Care Training Hub are running two further cohorts of our New to Primary Care course for primary care ARRS employees within North Cumbria.  Click here to view the flyer for more information and how to register.


Support, tools and resources for ARRS Practitioners

Our support doesn't stop once you're in post. We're really passionate about retention of our workforce, so have worked on the below tools and resources that we hope keeps you happy and engaged in your role, and supports you should you wish to develop beyond it.

Your Future Development Needs

The Training Needs Analysis is now live, giving the non-medical workforce within general practice the opportunity to state their development needs so that this can be considered for the commissioning of training in 2022/23. Don't miss your chance to shape the training that will be made available to you. Click here to access our website page for more information, or click here to go straight to the survey.


Through Health Education England and other NHS resources, you have access to a variety of learning tools to support your development. Click here to access our training page which will signpost you to a range of suitable resources. Opportunities include Mary Seacole for leadership roles, or clinical modules at Sunderland University.


Keep up to date on the virtual and face to face events coming up through our events page. We recommend checking this regularly, as it is often updated with events that may be relevant to your role, your interests or your development. Click here to access.

Health and Wellbeing

We recognise the incredible challenges and pressures that your role requires you to face on a daily basis. We've collated a range of health and wellbeing resources that are either free to the public, or free to NHS staff, that can be found here.

Peer Support

The Primary Care Training Hub are working alongside North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy to provide additional support for ARRS roles through interactive peer support sessions. To see evaluation, more information and to enquire, click here.

Preceptor Opportunity

In order to increase recruitment and retention into ARRS (Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme) roles in Primary Care, we are piloting a Preceptorship for 3 ARRS Roles: Mental Health Practitioners, First Contact Physiotherapists and Pharmacy Technicians. We are seeking expressions of interest from people who would like to become a Preceptor with the programme. The Preceptor will support those new into an ARRS role in General Practice, especially those new to Primary Care, to get a great start in their role. Click here for more information and how to get involved.

Knowledge Library Services

Health Education England fund the Knowledge Library Services, allowing you to access high quality knowledge and evidence resources all in one place to support you in the patient care you provide. Click here for more information about this service or to start a search.

Is there anything else you need support with? give us an email!