During 2020, the Primary Care Training Hub engaged with stakeholders and identified a need to develop local resources to promote and embed the new roles available to PCNs.  Stakeholders requested that any such resources incorporate those roles listed in the NHS England/Improvement (NHSE/I) Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme via the GP Contract and roles which have been developed by HEE. 

The below resources have been developed to support in the understanding and embedding of new roles in primary care:

New Roles Video


New Roles Resource

The below video has been created by the Primary Care Training Hub in conjuction with individuals working within the new roles in primary care. The aim of the video is to provide an understanding of how these roles have been embedded into primary care, and the impact that they've had on patient care and the Primary Care Network.


Click on the above preview to view the video.



The Primary Care Training Hub worked with various local and national stakeholders to develop an excel resource which provided further information about an agreed number of such ‘new roles’. The first draft of this resource was circulated to PCNs in June 2020 and quarterly updates have been made available. 

This resource has now been adapted into a user-friendly, web-based resource. You can access this resource here or via ‘useful links’.

The resource incorporates 2 functions: 

New Roles Overview including: 

Activities undertaken | Skills and competencies | Training and development | Supervision requirements | Education providers | Funding | Job descriptions | Case studies | Additional resources 

Skill Mix Matrix:

An overview of tasks conducted in general practice mapped against the competencies, including costings.  A user guide has also been developed to support the use of the matrix.  

The resource will be updated on a quarterly basis. 


Share your Views

The Primary Care Training Hub would welcome any feedback to allow continuous improvement of this resource, particularly around: 

  • Do you find the resource helpful? 
  • What additional information would you welcome, to help you with your planning? 
  • Do you have any information you are willing to be shared in these resources, which could help others? 

The Hub is receiving additional resources and feedback on an ongoing basis from other organisations, professional leads and bodies. 

We would welcome any feedback via traininghub.nenc@hee.nhs.uk