Hub & Spoke Model


Any practices that are interested in the Hub and Spoke model need to identify the other practice. The interested practice needs to approach a neighbouring practice to discuss the model and how it will work.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlines the standards and requirements for each practice.

The Hub practice must be an already approved training practice or in the process of becoming an approved training practice.

The Spoke Trainer will need to attend a Level 1 Clinical Supervisor training day (if not already done so). There will be a visit to the Spoke practice as part of the approval process for the GMC.

In order to apply for this model, a job plan and the signed MoU will need to be submitted and approved by the relevant GP Training Programme. The contact details for the training programmes are included on the job plan.


Level 2 Associate Trainers

If the Spoke Trainer has attended the Level 2 Associate Trainer course, they will be able to conduct Portfolio -Based Assessments that are part of GP Training. This includes Workplace Based Assessments and facilitating learning log entries.

An additional MoU will need to be signed by both practices and a copy must be emailed to the Training Programme, along with a copy of the Level 2 Associate Trainer certificate.