Educational & Clinical Supervision


RCGP guidance for Educational and Clinical Supervisors

As a minimum, the Educational Supervisor and the trainee should meet for educational supervision (also known Educational Appraisal) soon after the trainee starts their first year, and at the middle and end of all subsequent academic years. The intial ES meeting will need to be logged on the ePortfolio under 'Educators Notes' as an actual report would not be submitted for this. 

This meeting is designed to review the past year and plan for the next. In an uncomplicated case this would mean a total of seven meetings in a three year programme.


Process note for payment towards Educational Supervision Report (for trainees not attached to practice)

Any of these meetings that occur when the trainee is not working in the ES' practice attract backfill costs. Please note that claims will normally only be processed if received within 3 months of the activity occurring.

The School will also pay backfill costs for any extra face to face ES meetings with trainees not working in the Educational Supervisor's practice, where these are deemed necessary by the ARCP panel or process.

We encourage claims to be made in real time and as soon after an ES meeting occurs.

Once a claim has been made, GP Practices will be paid directly via NHS England in the same way that GP Practices are currently sent trainer grant and CPD payments (please see table below for payment dates).

The payment will show on Practices’ Exeter statements, with references showing ‘ESR Claim: and trainees name’.

Practice Managers (or equivalent) or GP Trainers should complete the following survey in order to claim for this activity:

When completing the survey, the claimant will be asked to provide the practice organisation code. The practice code begins A8 e.g. A87007. If you are unsure of the practice code, please check the following list.

The system will accept one ESR claim per submission. If you are claiming for multiple ESRs these will each have to be completed separately.

If there are any issues with the claim (for example, an ESR is not visible on the Portfolio or no Educators note has been added for an intial review) it will be rejected, and the claimant will be notified immediately via email. The claimant will then need to resubmit a new claim once amended.


Payment schedule

The survey must be completed by 5pm on the following dates in order to be paid the following month Payment Date
30th September 23rd October
31st October 24th November
30th November 24th December
31st December 22nd January
31st January 24th February
28th February 24th March