Educational & Clinical Supervision


Below are various guidance documents that you may find useful in relation to CS and ES roles  

RCGP guidance for Educational and Clinical Supervisors

Educational Supervisors claim form (for trainees not attached to practice) £216 per ESR


Process note for payment towards Educational Supervision Report

As a minimum, the Educational Supervisor and the trainee should meet for educational supervision (also known Educational Appraisal) soon after the trainee starts their first year, and at the middle and end of all subsequent academic years.

This meeting is designed to review the past year and plan for the next. In an uncomplicated case this would mean a total of seven meetings in a three year programme. Any of these meetings that occur when the trainee is not working in the ES' practice attract backfill costs.

The School will also pay backfill costs for any extra face to face ES meetings with trainees not working in the Educational Supervisor's practice, where these are deemed necessary by the ARCP panel or process.

Claims can be made  in real time and as soon after an ES meeting occurs. This will avoid a backlog of claims occurring at the end of the summer and winter ARCP panel periods.

Please note that claims will only be processed if received within 3 months of the activity occurring.