Trainer appraisal


Annual appraisal of trainers is a GMC requirement. It is intended to be formative and to help trainers in their continuing professional development as educators. 

Trainer appraisal is a separate process to trainer reappointment (but the appraisal informs the reappointment process).

The School has been committed to annual trainer appraisal since 2010. This can take the form of interim peer appraisals followed by biannual or triannual visits. It may cover an observed teaching session (which is required before each reapproval) and reflecting on a significant event as well as identifying your development needs and objectives.

The School has agreed a common suggested template for appraisal information recording.  This is contained in the following document:

Trainer Appraisal - School process and templates

Each of our three training programmes manage the appraisal process for trainers attached to their programme. Please see the individual programme websites for more information and contact details.


Trainer Appraisal 2020-2022

Trainer appraisal recommenced from November 2020, with the emphasis on support, in line with GMC appraisal. 

Although trainer appraisal is not essential in COVID times as per the GMC, it was thought that appraisal should be reintroduced to pick up issues and to support trainers - any documentation should be kept to a minimum.

There may be practical difficulties fitting in appraisals, but the School would encourage you to arrange one with peers in trainer groups, or with TPDs or at the Educationalist Conference in cross border conversations.

The attached documentation should be used as an aide and some feedback may stimulate conversation.