What is an ACP?

Advanced clinical practitioners (ACPs) are healthcare professionals, educated to master’s level or equivalent, with the skills and knowledge to allow them to expand their scope of practice to better meet the needs of the people they care for.  ACPs are deployed across all healthcare settings and work at a level of advanced clinical practice that pulls together the four ACP pillars of clinical practice, leadership and management, education, and research.


Information for trainee ACPs

For the latest trainee ACP informaiton please view the trainee ACP information page (found here). 


Information for ACP operational leads

For the latest informaiton for ACP operational leads, please view the ACP operational leads information page (found here). 


ACP standalone modules

Please find the list of all available standalone modules here. The list is currently being updated and once the TBC information is available, the PDF will also be update.

Standalone modules are specifically for take-up by practitioners who have already successfully completed an advanced practice MSc or who demonstrate the equivalence of this via the Centre’s eportfolio-route.


Qualified ACP information

For the latest qualified ACP informaiton please view the trainee ACP information page (found here). 


ACP CPD opportunities and upcoming events

Please click here to see the latest CPD opportunities and upcoming events for ACPs. 


Supervising trainee advanced clinical practitioners

Please click here to visit our dedicated page to supervising trainee advanced clinical pracitioners.