North east and north Cumbria Physician Associates

NENC have employed PAs since 2017 across several specialities with numerous employers. Most acute trusts in the region employ PAs, in specialities ranging from emergency care to breast surgery. There are also many primary care practices and PCNs employing PAs.


PA preceptorship offer for qualified PAs and PAs new to primary care

What is the PA preceptorship offer from NHSE?

The PA preceptorship offer is an NHS England initiative to support newly qualified physician associates in primary care and those new to primary care with a preceptorship initiative in a supported and structured preceptorship. The aims of the preceptorship include:

  • Recognising that newly qualified PAs need time and support to develop into valuable and important members of the multidisciplinary clinical team.
  • Providing employers with the opportunity to employ and develop newly qualified PAs with financial assistance and to gain an understanding of how the new roles can be deployed.
  • Maximising the benefit of the PA role for the local system and the employability of the PAs.
  • Ensuring access to educational and teaching opportunities specifically for PAs.

For more information on what the preceptorship involves please view the preceptorship offer document here.

CPD opportunities and upcoming events for qualified PAs

Physician associates are required to complete 50 hours of CPD every year, 25 of which must be from external events. This is to ensure PAs continue to develop within their roles, maintain a general medical knowledge and stay up to date with the latest medical guidelines. PAs are required to record their CPD in the FPA CPD diary, which this is audited annually by the FPA, and is a requirement for PAs to remain on the Physician Associate Managed Voluntary Register (PAMVR).

We run a number of CPD events within the North East and Cumbria to support PAs to meet these requirements and develop within their role.


Please view this page for the latest CPD opportunities and upcoming events for qualified PAs.


If you would like to be added to our qualified PA CPD mailing list to receive all the latest CPD opportunities via email, please complete this short survey. 


Keeping in touch

Qualified PAs in the region are encouraged to link in with the Faculty of Advanced Practice at NHS England NENC to keep up to date with upcoming events and CPD opportunities, including fully funded courses. If you are a qualified PA and would like to be added to the mailing list please complete this short survey.


Employers considering employing PAs and who would like more information and support are welcome to email to be put in touch with local PA ambassadors. Employers are encouraged to ensure PAs are on the managed voluntary register (PAMVR) to ensure they have passed their national examinations and fulfilled requirements to receive voluntary registration.


For more information on professional development, please visit the FPA website.