PA supervision training

To ensure all preceptees receive high quality support and supervision in the workplace, it is a condition of the PA preceptorship funding that the educational supervisors of PA preceptees should have undertaken appropriate training.  The faculty of advanced practice PA supervision sessions will be delivered remotely via MS Teams and are open to any educational supervisors of current preceptees, or for those who have preceptees due to commence on programme.


Currently there are no PA supervision training sessions scheduled for secondary care supervisors. If you are a primary care PA supervisor, the next training session is:


GP Physician Associate Supervisor Training Workshop


Date: 12th October 2022

Time: 12:30 – 16:00

Where: Online - free to attend



  • Understand the role of the supervisor – why it’s different
  • Understand education needs of a PA
  • How to embed the PA role into your team
  • Identify supervision needs of PAs with different experience levels
  • Developing a PA job plan for PAs at different levels
  • Explore and create approaches to PA development
  • Recognising a PA in difficulty


The workshop will be hosted by PA Ambassadors from KSS, East of England and North East and North Cumbria


To register your interest via the survey link here.


Once you have completed the survey, you will then be emailed the session link 2 weeks before the session. Signups will be granted a place on first come first serve basis. Completing this survey does not guarantee a place on the workshop until you have received the confirmation email (received within 1-2 weeks of submitting your survey response).


Please note that the sign-up survey will close on 22nd September 2022