Each year we fund training sessions for the NHS England NE senior team and Faculty, educational leads, and educational and clinical supervisors. NHS England NE develops cases via the EDI group and continues to consider further reach, including online cases and materials. The maximum number of delegates is 20 (allocated on a first-come basis).


The training will be delivered by Right Track. It will focus on education and training cases and is tailored to explore responsibilities, behaviors, and actions (and importantly how we apply this to education and training). Training will give a brief overview of the equality act but will focus on moral and business benefits around E&D, whilst increasing confidence in dealing with sensitive topics.


Training sessions are a full day: 09:30 – 16:30

Dates: We had a succesful EDI training session held on 27 July.  Our next intake of EDI training session is Thursday 28 September 2023 - ONLINE course.

Registration - Link:   Register for 28 September ONLINE training session

Video Case Studies:

Below you will find videos based on real cases that are used as a part of our enhanced training. These are available for anyone who wishes to reflect individually or to use them as a source for teaching sessions. NHS Engalnd NE is always looking for future case ideas to add to these resources. Please contact us if you have any ideas to offer at Quality.ne@hee.nhs.uk

  • Food insecurity resource  / and version with subtitles produced by NHS England NE in conjunction with Northumbria University.
  • Unconscious Bias training resource
  • Discrimination 1 -Team clinical scenario – Theme of discrimination (with CNTW) Here.
  • Discrimination 2 -Patient clinic scenario - Theme of race/discrimination (with CNTW) Here.
  • Discrimination 3 -Patient clinical scenario - Theme of sexual behaviour/boundaries/discrimination (with CNTW) Here.
  • Scenario 6 -Exploring gender awareness training – Interaction between the School and doctor in training Here.
  • Scenario 7 -Comparisons of different experiences from a UK BaME doctor and an International graduate doctor Here.
  • Scenario 8 -Training Programme Director and doctor in training discussing exceptional circumstances for their placement Here.

Presentation resources:

Please find below a presentation for supporting patient encounters that may be used alongside the video resources.