Applications for HEE apprenticeship ACP training programme 2023/24


The ACP application portal for the 2023/24 cohorts is now open for applications. This supporting guidance outlines the application process. If you would like to apply for an ACP post for the 2023/24 cohort, please email the faculty on


The 23/24 university cohorts are:

  • Northumbria University January 2024
  • UCLAN September 2023 and January 2024
  • Open University February 2024
  • University of Sunderland February 2024
  • Teesside University September 2023 and March 2024
  • University of Cumbria September 2023 and March 2024


Once your application has been approved by the north east and north Cumbria faculty of advanced practice you will be asked to complete a trainee details form and an ACP training grant employer agreement. Once we have both these items, along with any other requested information, you will be successfully added to the HEE offer. Outcomes will be given by 14th April 2023. 


If you have not received a trainee details form or are unsure if any further information is require for your application, please email: 


Maturity matrix


The maturity matrix is live to be used by ACP leads, the maturity matrix can be found here. 


The maturity matrix is a useful tool for seeing where the organisation is in terms of infrastructure and planning. To use the matrix, the user will go through a series of questions, and then receive a rag rating at the end of the questions. The matrix is split into 9 different areas and a rating will be given for each area. There are instruction tabs on the matrix to help you use it as well as a links tab at the end of the matrix which has all the citation links listed.


It is advised that there should only be 1 matrix per organisation and not 1 per department.