GRENADA: St George’s University


Northumbria University has considerable international expertise and links. In particular Northumbria University’s partnership with St George’s University in Grenada allows study of Medical Students in the UK, Grenada, the US and Canada to graduate with a Medical Degree from St George’s University. This is referred to as the Keith B Taylor Global Scholars programme. St George’s University has over 12,000 alumni from the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree programme practising medicine across the globe.

The clinical component of the St George’s University programme has established affiliations with over 70 hospitals and clinical centres in the US, UK, Canada and Grenada. Regionally some local trusts take these students on placement.

The North East office of HEE are in the process of further exploring and enhancing this locally based partnership with Northumbria University. This will also include exploring Northumbria University’s links with the World Health Organsation.

Progress/output will be shared with networks and uploaded to this website in due course. Any queries in the meantime can be directed to Gemma Crackett (Senior Business Manager)

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