Applications for HEE apprenticeship ACP training programme 2022/23


The ACP application portal for the 22/23 cohorts is still open for applications. This supporting guidance outlines the application process and the link to apply is here.

Please note that applications are employer led and all ACP training programme applications should be made by the employing organisation. 


The 22/23 university cohorts are:

  • Northumbria University January 2023
  • UCLAN September 2022 and January 2023
  • Open University February 2023
  • University of Sunderland February 2023
  • Teesside University September 2022 and March 2023
  • University of Cumbria September 2022 and March 2023


Now that the initial application deadline has passed, applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis. We recommend inputting as much information as possible in the application, including all requested information from the supporting guidance document, to avoid any delays.


Fast-track pathway

The faculty will also consider applications from organisations who wish to fast-track ACP trainees. These practitioners will already hold almost all of the qualifications required to work as a qualified ACP but cannot fully evidence academic or workplace competence elements of 1–2 of the four pillars. They will require less than 18 months’ study and support. If you are interested in the fast-track pathway please arrange a meeting with a member of the faculty via:


Training grant

The training grant rate for trainee ACPs commencing in 22/23 is £10,000 per trainee per year. Existing trainees will be paid at the training grant rate approved at the time of their employer’s application.


Preceptorship update for newly qualified ACPs

For informaiton on how to apply for the ACP preceptorship offer, please view the main ACP page of the website (found here). 


Information to tACPs and employers - changes to your ACP programme

If any circumstances change with the trainee ACP, please inform the faculty of advanced practice ( as soon as possible. This can include (but not limited to):

  • Trainee moves employers
  • Trainee goes on interrupt
  • Trainee withdraws from the programme


As well as informing the faculty of advanced practice via email, the relevant form below will need to be completed. 


ACP CPD opportunities and upcoming events

Please click here to see the latest CPD opportunities and upcoming events for ACPs. 


Practitioner e-portfolio

This commissioned platform will benefit trainees by being quicker to use and should benefit trainees by being quicker to use, accessing the uploaded specialist curricula, and aiding communication between the trainee and the supervisor. Trainees can upload personal reflective accounts, mini-cex, DOPs etc. The portfolio will record growth and accomplishment over time and is portable between the workplace and university therefore keeping everything in one place.

The practitioners e-portfolio is free to use for all HEE trainee ACPs. To get access to the portfolio, you will need to complete the PEP log in form (found here) and return the completed form to: who will request a log in for you.

For more information on the PEP portfolio please view the PEP demo video below.

PEP demo video