The General Practice/General Practice Nursing Fellowship scheme is a National Programme led by NHS England and NHS Improvement, supported locally by the Primary Care Training Hub. 

This programme is a national commitment in the NHS Long Term Plan with a number of benefits to support GPs and GP nurses at the start of their career. The programme encourages working within and across Primary Care Networks leading to opportunities for integrated working and varied portfolio work experience. 

General Practice Fellowships are a real opportunity to invest in shaping the future of General Practice. The programme is available to all newly qualified GPs and nurses working substantively in general practice. It will provide a programme of support with the aim of encouraging PCN portfolio working, delivering learning and development opportunities, and enabling new practitioners to become embedded within their practice and PCN. 



The Fellowships are open to all GPs who have gained their Certificate of Completion of Training within the last 12 months, and all newly qualified nurses who have graduated in the last 12 months. Fellows must have a substantive role (it is expected that individuals will have a minimum of a 2-year contract which includes their Fellowship session which will need to be reviewed and amended at the end of the programme.) 



The ‘unit cost’/ per head calculation comprises two elements: 

1.  Pro-rata reimbursement to the employer for up to one session per week so the individual can be released from the practice to participate in Fellowship activities 

•This is calculated at the individual’s actual salary cost 

•It is further supported by an additional 30% toward on-costs of tax, NI and pension 

2. Funding for programme delivery including CPD provision, administration and oversight at £3,000 per participant (pro-rata) 

•This is further supported through the Supporting Mentors Scheme which delivers the ‘GP Mentorship’ component of this programme  

The funded Fellowship session will provide each GP and GPN with opportunities to embed themselves in general practice, work across PCNs, and will include funded time with a mentor as well as educational support, academic sessions and networking opportunities. 

We have created a reimbursement calculator which can be accessed here. You may need to download this file to input figures and use it for calculations.


Application Process

The Primary Care Training Hub have developed North East and North Cumbria Fellowship Operational Guidance which includes further information and guidance on how to apply for funding and can be accessed via the link North East and North Cumbria Fellowship Operational Guidance  (Please note, the Operational Guidance is currently being updated to reflect recent changes to reimbursement rates). Within this resource are assurance checklists for the GP and GPN Fellowships schemes and an application form for employers to complete. The assurance process is designed for both existing career start programmes, and other employers of newly qualified GPs and GPNs to ensure that any proposed programmes meet the fellowship framework guidance. Each area of the framework should be marked against your proposed model, and then submitted to the Primary Care Training Hub. The assurance checklists and application form can be accessed via the following links GP Assurance checklist GPN Assurance checklist  Application form   

If you do not currently meet the framework requirements, then your local Primary Care Training Hub can guide and support you to implement the criteria locally to assure funding from the fellowship scheme. 

Upon completion of the assurance checklist you should return this along with the application form to 



The Primary Care Training Hub have developed a toolkit which includes guidance and resources to support employers with the first 6 months of the GPN Fellowship. The toolkit can be accessed via the following link GPN Toolkit Work has now commenced to extend the toolkit to include months 7-12 of the fellowship. 

If you still have questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions



The Primary Care Training Hub have worked with the mentors to compile short profiles which can be viewed here. Please review these and let us know via the linked contact form if you have a preference for your mentor.


Case Studies