Managing concerns about trainees and trainers


Please see the overarching local policies page for the following documents:

  • Management of trainer concerns
  • Investigation of concerns


The following are School documents in relation to managing and escalating concerns:


Accessing help

If you are a trainee or a trainer and you need support or are concerned about either a trainer or a trainee, please contact your local training programme:


  Durham & Tees Valley GPTP North Cumbria GPTP   Northumbria GPTP
Support for trainees in difficulty

Email Chris Alderson


Phone 019122754743 where you will be directed to an appropriate TPD

Email the programme office


Phone 01228 814881

or email:

Karen Smith (LTPD)

Rick Tranter (Deputy LTPD)




Link to our website for Trainee Support Programme
Support for trainers in difficulty

Email: Trainer support lead via Training Co-ordinator Karen Chambers

Phone 0191 2156708

Reporting a concern about a trainee

If the trainee is already part of the TSP contact the link TPD named in the report.

If trainee is not already part of TSP, or you're not sure, contact Michelle Taberham (Programme Support Offier) who will direct your concern to the appropiate TPD.

Reporting a concern about a trainer As above but alternatively email:  Guy Robertshaw (TPD)

Email Sharon Gandy & Dorothy Warrington (TPD's)


Karen Chambers (Training Co-ordinator)